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Job for English's leaner.

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Re: Job for English's leaner.

Postby jrkp » Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:18 pm

mybikiny wrote:I heard someone tell me that "English is not a job, it's only tool for you to get a good job" :shock: and i am wondering if your major is English,what do you think about it. Learn another thing to support for your Englsih's major or keep learning English . Tell me your opinion. :|

You see, all depends on what kind of profession you got. For instance, people who has a job related with science, is absolutely necessary to have some English knowledge, because all the latest information is published in that language, so, if you wanna keep updated, well, you must learn english. Also, with globalization, knowing english language allows you to look for a job worldwide, I mean, you can be hired almost anywhere (especially if you are applying to work for a multinational company). However, someone whose job is study history of his own country, well, I can´t find a reason why the english language could be considered as a tool.

I think that english isn´t a guarantee that you´ll get a good job, but at least it´ll help you to expand the opportunities to get one...As a matter of fact, my little knowledge in english helped me to get my current job, I don´t say it was the most important issue in my resumé, but I´m pretty sure that it helped me a lot.....

Regarding your case, well, I think that all depens on what are your feelings about it. I mean, Do you feel that you´ve learnt everything you could in english? If that the case, you should stop studying and look for others challenges, otherwise, keep studying, in that way, your english will be better day after day...

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Re: Job for English's leaner.

Postby AzizA » Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:54 pm

Dixie wrote:I've got a degree in English Philology, and now I'm an English teacher. I teach English, but I also learn at the same time. It's difficult to master a language that is not your mother tongue, especially when that language is not official in the place you live and you don't get the chance to practise it every day. That's why I keep learning.

Of course English is not a job, it's a language :D I agree with that saying of yours: "English is not a job, it's only tool for you to get a good job". Nowadays, the more languages you speak, the better, and if one of them is English, great.

but it could be ajob...teaching english is a job isn't it?
2 years later, I'll became a teacher of English;I'll get quite joy whenever I'll use my English^^

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Re: Job for English's leaner.

Postby denvinbo » Thu Jul 03, 2008 4:23 pm

English is not a job because even a child can speak English....but they dont go to work.....

English is a tool for u to get a job >>> Right! U know that nowadays, English is very popular, so all job and all company need people can speak English well and fluently.....And English is also a tool for u to get friends all over the world...... :-D
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Re: Job for English's leaner.

Postby nat » Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:50 pm

English was my major at the university where I learnt.Now I'm a teacher of the English language at primary and middle school and I'm fully satisfired with my job, though the proffession of a teacher is low-paid in our country.

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Re: Job for English's leaner.

Postby mybikiny » Tue Dec 02, 2008 5:12 pm

Thanks for your replies, I really like English and now i have a job like a teacher at primary school (Part-time job, good enough for me) :lol: But i still have mistake in teaching :oops: English is not easily anyway. :mrgreen:

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