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How to start thinking in English

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How to start thinking in English

Post by Svetashev » Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:06 pm

You want to speak English. You’ve come to realize that English may make your life better, and you know that the best way to improve your English is thinking. When you can think in English, you needn’t anyone helping you to grow. You should use your brain and train its abilities. Your brain has three basic muscles – the three basic muscles you can work with. The first is your memory: It is legs of your brain. Create some exercises for it and increase amount and quality of these exercises day by day. The second muscle of your brain is attention. The attention is belly’s muscle of your brain. Make mental sittingups uninterruptedly every day. The third muscle of your brain is imagination. It is your brain’s biceps. Take metaphysical dumbbell and go ahead.

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