Nature exceeds nurture

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Nature exceeds nurture

Post by nuni » Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:00 am

Dear All,

What is the meaning of : "nature exceeds nurture"?


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Re: Nature exceeds nurture

Post by Joe » Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:31 am

This is a play on words, because nature and nurture sound similar [but not identical]. It refers to the (undecided) debate as to whether we are influenced more by genetics (inherited traits, nature) or by environment (upbringing, nurture).

nature (noun): the physical force (as in Mother Nature) regarded as creating and controlling the physical world including plants, animals, landscape, weather etc

nurture (noun): the process of caring for and encouraging the development of (sby or sthg) - note that "nurture" can also be a verb

In the phrase you quote the implication is that genetics play a greater role than the environment (in a person's development).

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