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Please, help me with : too, also, either, as well

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Please, help me with : too, also, either, as well

Postby lizapol » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:25 am

My problem is - when to apply words and expressions mentioned in the title.

Do I understand well?... :

- 'too' - we apply at the end of sentences,
- 'also' - we apply not at the end of the sentences,
- 'either', 'as well' - if we are writing that we also (as somebody else)?

If I am wrong - please, correct me.

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Re: Please, help me with : too, also, either, as well

Postby solzen » Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:56 pm

It depends on the context. Here are some of the ways you can place these words in a sentence:

If you're making a comparison between two people (the emphasis is on the people):
She likes apples. I, too, like apples. I like apples, too. I, also, like apples. I like apples, also. I, as well, like apples. I like apples, as well.

If you're adding to something (the emphasis is on the thing):
I like oranges and strawberries. I like apples too. I also like apples. Also I like apples. I like apples also. I like apples as well.

Either is used if the statement is negative:
She doesn't like apples. I don't like apples, either.
I don't like oranges or strawberries. I don't like apples either.

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