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Cakecrumbs, cake-crumbs or cake crumbs?

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Cakecrumbs, cake-crumbs or cake crumbs?

Postby aurays » Sun May 25, 2014 8:31 am

Hi everyone,

I have a question with how to write cakecrumbs properly: "cakecrumbs", "cake-crumbs" or "cake crumbs"?

As far as I know both "cakecrumbs" and "cake crumbs" are correct... is one spelling preferred over the other? Wanted to double check with you before using it in a written text!

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Re: Cakecrumbs, cake-crumbs or cake crumbs?

Postby solzen » Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:33 pm

I would use 'cake crumbs'; I don't think 'cakecrumbs' is a word.

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