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Essay question about a person who inspires me??

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Re: Essay question about a person who inspires me??

Postby hermit » Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:20 pm

if we know what your field of study will be, we can give more specific advice.


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Re: Essay question about a person who inspires me??

Postby IvyEyesEditing » Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:15 pm


Admissions essays provide a fantastic opportunity for you to share more about who you are beyond your transcript and the rest of your application. For study at the undergraduate level, answers to these questions can be less about career (MBA admissions essays should reflect a targeted, strategic career path) and more about personality/fit/self-awareness. In fact, the question themselves provide insight into the undergraduate admissions process.

"Tell us about a person that inspires you" is a typical undergraduate admissions prompt. The expectation here is not to map out your career, share your resume in narrative form, or even demonstrate your knowledge of world affairs, but to address the prompt in a compelling, distinctive way.

We have read incredible admissions essays that describe the influence of a family member to answer this prompt. Others take a less conventional approach, choosing an artist or political figure that is alive or dead (remember the prompt is very open-ended). You might even choose a fictional character! The most important thing is that you tell an interesting story.

What makes your grandmother's story unique? What personal anecdotes can you draw upon to give your essay color, intensity, or humor? How does your grandmother's influence continue to affect your daily life? Was there a pivotal moment when you most felt your grandmother's influence? Whatever angle you choose, just strive to tell a specific, honest story that gives more insight into your personal history and who you are. Ultimately, this question is as much about personality as it is general writing ability or aptitude, so do not be afraid to truly share your experience.

I hope you found our insight helpful! Please contact us if you have any further questions.

We are happy to share our perspective with all users of this forum and thread!!

Best of luck,

Ivy Eyes Editing
Ivy Eyes Editing
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