Ivy Eyes Editing: More Resume Tips!

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Ivy Eyes Editing: More Resume Tips!

Post by IvyEyesEditing » Mon Aug 17, 2009 11:38 pm

Hello everyone,

We would like to follow up on our resume tips post from a few weeks ago. Many people have used some of our resume tools with considerable success, but various other questions have emerged. We would like to address some of these situations here:

-Define Your Audience: Where is your resume headed? Are you applying to a top MBA program? If so, what other skills (or development needs) have you emphasized elsewhere in your application? Is your resume consistent with this picture? Are you applying for a new job or different type of academic program--if so, what skills are required and what type of applicants does XXX company or institution seek?

-‘Objective’ and ‘skills’ at the top of the resume: From our standpoint, this is a very unsophisticated, elementary approach to building a resume. It implies that your resume may be inadequate in other ways, and sets a low expectation for your reader.

-Growth/Impact: Younger applicants or resume writers may have trouble with how to convey real growth. In many cases, they have only 1 job experience out of college. How do you convey impact and leadership with a number-crunching role?

Think about all of your functions. Did you take on any internal roles that show leadership or team-building skills? How can you efficiently bucket experience? Engineers or IT professionals may be able to bucket various projects or initiatives together, consultants may bucket together client engagements across industries.

-Internships: If the internship after your sophomore year in college was more of a ‘fluffy’ role---it may be time to eliminate it. Professionals that have had 3-5 years experience in the working world should all consider eliminating early internship experience. For even more green professionals, strongly consider whether or not your internship experience adds value to your career story.

Like a fine-tuned, polished essay, your resume should integrate your skills, and clearly point toward your objective (in the professional world, your cover letter can also help to ‘fill in the gaps.’) So, the best type of resume will not need an outlined objective—leave that to the amateurs!

We hope some of these tips will help you as you polish your materials.

Ivy Eyes Editing
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Re: Ivy Eyes Editing: More Resume Tips!

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