females govern the world

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females govern the world

Post by caoyucy » Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:03 pm

If females govern the world

This is my first entry here could you guys help me correct my essay. following is the question:

Throughout history, male leaders always lead us to violence and conflict.
If a society is governed by female leaders it will be more peaceful. To
what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

and following is my response:

Violence and conflicts exist in almost every society in our world, which
basically take the form of wars and slaughters. Therefore, some people
believe that this unsatisfactory reality should be ascribed to a male-
dominated society, owing to the fact that males are often considered more
aggressive than females. Nevertheless, if a society is governed by female
leaders, the society will not necessarily be free from wars and conflicts.

Admittedly, males are commonly more militant than females, but when it
comes to politics, the question of whether to launch a war is not
determined by a single leader even if he or she is at the top of that
political hierarchy. In other words, decision-making depends on the
interests of a society or organization as a whole. Thus, leaders, regardless of the gender, are prone to act according to the principle of national or
organizational interests. However, these interests will not last for a long

Since eliminating violence cannot be achieved by simply changing the
leadership from a male-dominated one into a female-dominated one, the
most effective way to eliminate violence is to awaken people’s
consciousness that violence is very useless when used as a way to solve
problems. A peace-oriented government will not be established unless the
majority of people are aware of the fact that those temporary interests
brought about by wars will inevitably be deprived of by other wars and
eventually disappear.

All in all, a desirable government does not depend on its leader’s gender
but on the people who elect the leader.

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Re: females govern the world

Post by sweethuman » Wed May 25, 2011 10:23 am

All in all, a desirable government does not depend on its leader’s gender
but on the people who elect the leader.

Well said, furthermore, gender doesnt play any role here it is all upto the personality and intelligence of a person.

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