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Diary correction

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Diary correction

Postby Ansonliu » Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:20 pm

Today is very funny.

I'm going to hiking and running with my friend Freezer, Bolter, Miss Wan and some friend in a hill.

But I make a little mistake that is I just forget what 's the name of the hill.

Cause I made the new friend with Miss Wan and others when we were start hiking.

I have learn a lot today. I have learn too much new thing today.

Miss Wan was telling me that how to kept our life more health in running and hiking.

But some news in this topic were too complicating to understanded, even though I had trying to improved my understanding that time...

Miss Wan needed to rinning in the hill cause she was joining a 5 miles running competiton in next weekend.

(I forgot all detail about the competition,I just remembered the name of it.)

So I started running with Miss Wan. There were some unforgettable mermories in my life in next period.

You will feel very sweaty , thirsty and hungry or whatever when you were running in 5 miles with some few water to drunk and a hot weather.

But I was very happy when I achieved the golt for myself, that was just finishing it.

And I had a little disappointed with the following act for me.

They went to Qb's home to cooked their dinner .

I cannot joined them because Qb didn't let the stranger went to his home, I knew what's he think as I will choose the same ways to the stranger.

Then I returned home at 21:00 cause I costed too much time to had dinner and getting home.

It's very well today. great.


could you please correct my diary ?
I look forward to hearing form you. ^.^

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Re: Diary correction

Postby Ansonliu » Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:34 pm

I'm not sure that the tense and grammars in mr diary is it correction.
Can anybody help me out? {-: {-: {-: {-: {-:

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