Opinions of my Visa Application Esssay

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Opinions of my Visa Application Esssay

Post by wobbler » Wed Jun 04, 2014 3:20 pm

Hi to all. I am looking for some help with my student visa application essay, i really appreciate your help.

In the embassy they gave some instructions:

- From 100 to 500 words
-Must state:
-Why did I choose that specific masters program
- Why did I choose that university
-Why did I choose that country
- The relation between the masters chosen and my studies/job background
- The relevance of the chosen master to my future plans

I used some more words (650 words aproximately) Would it be a problem or is it a reasonable margin?

Here I copy my letter, Thanks very much for your time.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to apply for a student visa in order to complete a Masters Degree in Engineering Science with specialization in Systems and Control at [UNIVERSITY]

After doing research about different Master Programs in some universities around the world, I got highly motivated to take the mentioned program at [UNIVERSITY] because of the variety of its composing courses as well as its ideal time extension for my learning purposes. The specialization courses that are part of this program cover the most recent advances in the so versatile fields of control and automation, giving me the opportunity to get academic training in subjects of my interest that are currently unknown to me such as Microelectronics Design and Real Computing and Control. This knowledge will represent a big step ahead in my purpose of increasing my professional skills and being able to design more complex and efficient control systems.

I decided to continue my studies at [UNIVERSITY] because it is one of the most reputed universities in [COUNTRY] and one of the required references when talking about engineering training around the world. It is an important challenge to me to get my Masters Degree in a university whose academic staff focuses with so much decision in the quality of instruction and the encouragement to do research and look for continuous innovation. Moreover, the top class facilities and the international nature of [UNIVERSITY] will allow me to develop my studies in a friendly atmosphere.

I have chosen [COUNTRY] as the best option to realize my goals due to it is a country recognized around the world because of the high reputation of its educational system and its excellent lifestyle standards. To me it is also significant to learn from the different conception about education that exists in [COUNTRY]in comparison with [COUNTRY OF ORIGIN]; this new approach will be helpful to me in the future as it will permit me to contribute with the efforts that are taking place in [COUNTRY OF ORIGIN]in order to improve our educational system. Also it influenced my decision the multicultural nature of [COUNTRY], which will allow me to get in touch with people from many different places of the world and expand my knowledge about other cultures and worldviews.

This Masters Degree depicts a new essential stage in my professional development. During my school studies I started to be progressively interested in exact sciences, taking part in Mathematics contests and fairs and obtaining my school specialization in Physics and Mathematics. Due to my attraction to the concepts involved in electronics, I decided to enroll myself for undergraduate studies in Electronics and Control at [UNDERGRADUATE UNIVERSITY], where I could deepen my knowledge in fields like Industrial Automation, Instrumentation Systems, Automatic Control Systems and Power Electronics. As a Final Project, a teammate and I presented a practical work named “Implementation of a Robotic Platform”, assignment that allowed me to put in practice the skills acquired during my career. The Master in Systems and Control will allow me to expand my expertise in those fields I received during my undergraduate studies and to acquire training in unknown areas of modern control systems.

[COUNTRY OF ORIGIN] has been facing a reformation since the government decided to change the production matrix and improve the quality and quantity of the manufactured goods produced in the country. Modern Control, Robotics, Energy Conversion and other fields related with Systems and Control are priority in the aim to become a more competitive nation. With the high level training acquired in the Masters Degree at [UNIVERSITY], I will be able when returning to contribute to the technical advance of the country in fields like Energy Management, Industrial Automation, Robotic Applications and other areas that have a wide margin of development in [COUNTRY OF ORIGIN].
In summary, I am eager to improve my engineering skills to make an important positive contribution to my nation’s needs and broaden my life experiences getting in touch with people from around the world. I would be greatly proud to pursue my postgraduate studies in [COUNTRY] as it reunites all the conditions to reach my objectives.

Thank you very much for considering my application

Yours Sincerely

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