Tips for Vocabulary

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Tips for Vocabulary

Post by Mark ravin » Thu Oct 01, 2020 7:20 pm

English is my second my language and sometimes I find it difficult to understand native speakers due to my poor structure of the vocabulary. On the other hand, we need a dictionary to find out difficult words. However unfortunately, we tend to forget the words that we have searched for definitions. Don’t worry, It’s the nature of humans. That’s the main loop hole and that’s where WordUp comes in to play.

I’ve been using this app since last year august and I feel it provides me a good platform to learn new words and memorize new words. We can simply search words and added to our to-do list. By doing so we can revisit our vocabulary which enable us to memorize those words automatically.

Interestingly, the common fact of learning a new language is be practical and consider the use of particular words in day to day life. Wordup provides radical solution in that aspect too. Once we search a definition of the word, we could view not only the definition but also pronunciation (US and UK), most appropriate picture, Songs, Movies relating to that particular word. Not only that if we need to memorize the word we have few options such as traditional scrolling method, different games such as guessing missing word, dictation and etc. Wordup allows me to breakout my traditional way of learning and to explore new opportunities to learn new words and to improve my words. I thoroughly believe that improvement in my vocabulary and success is at least part in due to support received from WordUp.

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