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learning English tips

Ideas and advice from EC members on best ways to learn English

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Re: learning English tips

Post by leopardo » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:05 am

Hi Himberly!
I know that your native language is French, and they are many ways to improve your English, going to particular classes, in the school etc. If you like mobile phones or tablets, I have one app for android an IO’s that is perfect for learning languages, its name is Duolingo.
In it you can find many ways to learn a lot of idioms, like English. It makes you exercises, but they're not boring. I like playing with the app, because I have fun with it, and also I learn!
I like brushing up my English with this app it’s pretty funny and not very difficult, but I hope that me and lot of people like you, will learn a lot with this beautiful application. I like having a good time with the app!

Have a nice day

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Re: learning English tips

Post by sanjaySinha » Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:42 am

Learning English is not difficult. Just set of your mind to the English. Every time thought in English and try to speak in English.
There are face to you some problems with speech but don't worry you will speak English well as time and with practice. Try to speak in front of the mirror for increasing your confidence. Find the vocabulary words more to more and try to use it in your speaking.
There are so many sites and apps for learning English. I have also a link to a website which is best for the learn English in Hindi from the basics and there are update new content and blogs day by day. You can visit here:
Or direct go to and you can download English Sikho app from here: ...

Sanjay Sinha
Teaching English from 5 years

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Re: learning English tips

Post by ShrutiSane » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:27 am

Learning English is not that much difficult that we consider. It just a game of mindset. We just set our mind that we are not able to talk in English. To learn English most of the people join coaching it helps them to learn English easily and also develop their personality.
Spoken English tutorial in Nagpur

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Re: learning English tips

Post by thanhloc » Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:26 am

I'm from Indonesia .I Introduce you to learn English with one of The 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions :
Translate words and phrases in a website with a double-click or shortcuts and save it to memorize in your new Tab
Bee Translate helps you easily and effortlessly translate from 103 languages, and show randomly word on your new tab page.

★ Display random word in the new tab page, helps you memorize them easily.

★ Double click a word, phase on the website or enter to popup to translate.

★ Search and manager wordbook.

Afrikaans - Afrikaans
Albanian - Shqip
Arabic - اللغة العربية
Armenian - հայեր
Azerbaijani - Azərbaycanca
Basque - Euskara
Belarusian - Беларуская
Bengali - বাংলা
Bosnian - Bosanski
Bulgarian - български език
Catalan - català
Cebuano - Sugboanon
Chichewa - Nyanja
Chinese Simplified - 达伟, 汉语
Chinese Traditional - 古文
Corsican - Corsu, Lingua corsa
Croatian - Hrvatski
Czech - Čeština
Danish - Dansk
Dutch - Nederlands
English - English
Esperanto - Esperanto
Estonian - Eesti
Filipino/Tagalog - Wikang Tagalog
Finnish - Suomi
French - Français
Frisian - Frysk
Galician - Galego
Georgian - ქართული
German - Deutsch
Greek - Ελληνικά
Gujarati - Taetae ni Kiribati
Haitian Creole - Kreyòl Ayisyen
Hausa - Yaren Hausa
Hawaiian - ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi
Hebrew - עברית
Hindi - हिन्दी
Hmong - Tiếng H’Mông
Hungarian - Magyar
Icelandic - Íslenska
Igbo - Asụsụ Igbo
Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia
Irish - Gaeilge
Italian - Italiano
Japanese - 日本語
Javanese - Basa Jawi
Kannada - ಕನ್ನಡ
Kazakh - Қазақ тілі
Khmer - ភាសាខ្មែរ
Korean - 조선말, 한국어
Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Kyrgyz - кыргызча, قىرگىچه, qırğızça, кыргыз тили, قىرگىز تيلى, qırğız tili8
Lao - ພາສາລາວ
Latin - Latina
Latvian - Latviešu
Lithuanian - Lietuvių
Macedonian - Mакедонски
Malagasy - Malagasy
Malay - Bahasa Melayu
Malayalam - മലയാളം
Maltese - Malti
Maori - Te reo Māori
Marathi - मराठी
Mongolian - Mongɣol kele
Myanmar (Burmese) - myanma bhasa
Nepali - नेपाली भाषा
Norwegian - Norsk
Pashto - پښتو
Persian - فارسی
Polish - Język Polski
Portuguese - Português
Punjabi - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
Romanian - Română
Russian - Русский
Samoan - Gagana fa'a Sāmoa
Scots Gaelic - Gàidhlig
Sindhi - सिन्धी / Sindhi khudabadi.svg / سنڌي
Serbian - Српски, Srpski
Sesotho - Sesotho
Sinhalese - සිංහල
Slovak - Slovenčina
Slovenian - Slovenščina
Somali - Af-Soomaali‎
Spanish - Español
Sundanese - basa Sunda
Swahili - Kiswahili
Swedish - Svensk
Tajik - тоҷикӣ
Tamil - தமிழ்
Telugu - తెలుగు
Thai - ภาษาไทย
Turkish - Türkçe
Ukrainian - Українська
Urdu - ہندوستانی
Uzbek - Oʻzbek tili
Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt
Welsh - Cymraeg
Xhosa - isiXhosa
Yiddish - ייִדיש
Yoruba - Yorùbá
Zulu - isiZulu

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Re: learning English tips

Post by LinhTran » Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:32 am

Hello there, in this blog, you can find some tips to increase your English reading skill: ... ng-skills/

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Re: learning English tips

Post by ghazaaliii » Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:56 pm

Hi! This is Ghazaal and I am an English Lover! I really like to share my knowledge, as so I started my Telegram channel to share some daily tips with whoever enjoys English like me! Join us and help me with your fantastic ideas RIGHT NOW!

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Re: learning English tips

Post by jonathanrace » Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:41 pm

Use English as much as possible. The more you use it, the faster you learn ... h-quickly/
I can help you Learn English

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