Tips to reduce accent

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Tips to reduce accent

Post by DrNorman » Mon Nov 21, 2016 6:00 am

I have just put up a new video to help you reduce your accent. You can find it at .
You can also ready about 5 useful steps for losing your foreign accent on my blog at ... rning-blog
I hope you find these useful!
Dr Norman
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Re: Tips to reduce accent

Post by StevenMorris » Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:02 am

Have you ever avoided a public speaking opportunity because of your accent? Here are some useful tips to help you reduce your accent.

1. Watch YouTube - There are YouTube channels devoted to accent reduction and American English pronunciation. These channels offer videos on pronunciation, idioms, grammar, and everyday English.

2. Listen to an Accent You Want to Imitate - Another option is to record and imitate an accent you really like. For example, this could be a news anchor, a character on TV, or a classroom teacher. Listen to them as often as you can and try imitating their pronunciation.

3. Listen to an Audiobook, Record, and Compare - Listen to an audiobook where the pronunciation is one that you want to imitate. The idea is to listen to a sentence, then turn off the book, and record yourself saying the same sentence. Then compare the two sentences and see if you can identify the errors in your pronunciation. If you can’t hear any difference, ask a trusted native speaker friend if they can tell you which words need more practice.

4. Videotape Yourself - Do this once before you start working on your speech and work on getting a better accent and then 2 months later– you’ll see a difference, if you did the work.

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Re: Tips to reduce accent

Post by milestone » Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:42 pm

Videotape Yourself - yes, that's very useful advice. Sometimes we just think, that we speak without foreign accent

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Re: Tips to reduce accent

Post by omejacker » Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:39 am

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