How to overcome reading disability?

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How to overcome reading disability?

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I have a 10 years old daughter who is deaf since childhood. After undergoing surgery she is able to hear partially. This disability lowered her self confidence as well. She is not able to read everything clearly and we can see that frustration in her face. When discussed this issue with a doctor, he suggested to attend a remedial reading program. I have enquired about this course in detail. Finally, I found a training center named Evoke Learning.

Has anyone consulted this before? I think this will help my child to improve her skills. She is a brilliant child, but the circumstances never favored her. I hope this reading program and meditation can help her to recover from this. Is there anyone who experienced similar difficulties? How you overcame this reading disability? Share your experience.

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Re: How to overcome reading disability?

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My advice is to contact her school and ask if she can be take an educational assessment to rule out any learning disabilities. Don't be scared by the use of the term disability because it doesn't mean that your daughter has an illness, nor does it mean that she is not intelligent. An assessment will show whether or not there is a good reason for her reading problems.

Also sometimes children who have hearing problems sometimes have difficulties reading because they have never heard the words/words they are reading This results in an inability to hear the word in their own mind.

I have worked for tutoring services similar to the one that you have mentioned and to be honest they have proven to be ineffective. If you decide to use them, then check out the qualifications of the teachers there. They should at the very least have some kind of post graduate course in special education.

I hope that helps.
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