Living in Ontario, Canada

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Living in Ontario, Canada

Post by polojc10 » Wed May 07, 2003 12:48 am

Canada is a good place to take vacations, to study or to live. Last year, I went to Canada to study english on the fall. It was my first time outside of my country (Mexico) and I really felt very well and enjoyed my stay in this country. I recommend to visit Ontario for three main reasons.

First, the canadian people is very kind with foreing people. It is very important because canadian people never refuse you for your skill colour, language, culture, religion or so. I can check it out in the university, stores, parks, movie theaters, and on the streets. For this reason there are people from all world living in Canada.

Second, Ontario is a very clean place. I could visit several places around Ontario as Niagara Waterfalls, Ontario lake, and others rivers and lakes around; I never saw waste on the rivers or lakes. In some places, they trhow the garbage out in different baskets; glasses, plastic, organic garbage are separated, recycle is good option to avoid contamination.

Third, Whether is cool; Many people is scare about climate in Canada; however, I could survive and I had fun. I have felt colder in Mexico than in Canada, you can belive it! yes! the reason is that in Canada there is hot system wherever you are so you can enjoy the snow and get back at home with hot in.

Finally, Canada is very safe, you can walk on the streets over night and you never will be bothered.

In conclusion, Canada is good place to learn english or study in the universities. I see you in the next essay.


Post by notture » Thu May 15, 2003 12:18 am

i enjoy your essay,since i have a friend emigrated to the Canada just a few days ago.but i have not contact him yet.i believe that the Canada is a beautiful city and i dream to travel there!From your essay,you must be a student,yes? How did you find the chance to study in Canader? is't easy for you to study abroad ?for me,it is not very easy.i am an accouting,and dreaming for go abroad for a while,but finally put away my dream,cause it seems not actual.ok,see you! :wink:


Post by chrysanthemum » Tue May 20, 2003 12:49 pm

Your essay is very wonderful. I like your essay so much. Please tell me more about Canada's culture and custom.
Best wishes for u! :)


hi my friend , you are right

Post by mohamed » Fri Jun 20, 2003 2:53 am

i think you are right , canada is wonderful country , and i am also like u , i dream to go to canda and if u help me to tell me how i make that , do u know i from egypt and i have agood country but i want to go canda for education , and i think it a quite coutry with all citeis and i want to tell more about it
ok , nice to send to u
my hotmail is :lol:

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