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Post by nympho-holic » Sun Sep 26, 2004 7:10 pm

:lol: being stuck-up is a contagious disease, isn't it? Redrose, you didn't have to stand up for her. What you did made her remind of her own action: being stuck-up. :lol: We say monkey sees, monkey does. And I know that we've involved from homo sapiens but I didn't know that some people are not fully involved yet. In the future if you wanna talk about human's emotion with me, don't speak in ape's language. I don't understand that; I only understand human's language. :lol:
This is to our queen of the forum, you don't have to reply to my post and please don't. A pretty girl will look prettier if she doesn't speak. Look at blondes and you'll know what I'm talking about. :lol:
You said you wanted to leave Charlotte out of this. If you wanted to leave Charlotte out of the picture then let me ask you, was it necessary to raise such a hatred in the room, Miss Congeniality? I've posted a lot of posts but as much as I can recall, none of them is a start of any fight. If you said I was rude, please give me a link to my post that was made to be rude. I hope you can find one to show it to your friends in this forum.
No matter Charlotte is in or out of the picture, your motive makes me wondering. Why haven't anyone one from the Philippines or whoever in this forum said anything about my post after I made it to Charlotte but you? You haven't answered my question either. It was do I need to make a compliment to Charlotte and everyone else at the same time to make me less rude? In addition, please don't use we as everyone else in the forum honey. None of them was asking me that question except you. Like I've said in my earlier post, you read my words, used your own imagination, tried to understand any part you could understand and left out what you didn't understand, and last you redid my post in your own words. Nevertheless, if you were not jealous, why did you make your post right after mine? You thought it was rude, no one said anything. I wonder why.
:lol: It's funny that you said you are an English teacher. You can't understand most of the posts, you can't see where the sarcasm is, you can't accept other's different views, and you like to show everyone who is the most important person of the forum. Moreover, you think you have the right to judge people. You're so perfect that others will be dimmed in front of you. Hail to the queen of this forum, nympho. Don't you dare talking bad about her. If you do, everyone else will be against you and hate you for life. :lol:
I wish your students all the best since you're a teacher who like to do things on favor. I pity the fat, stubborn, ugly, pretty and naughty, nerdy, geeky, unintelligent kids because they're the less favorable kids in school. :lol:


Post by RedRose » Mon Sep 27, 2004 12:32 am

wow! you still can't stop envying Dixie! poor tran-lily-nympho-holic! :wink: :wink:

you see, the worse you attack her, the more popular she looks! all guys love her crazily, that drive you really crazy!

on the other hand, the more you attack Dixie, the funnier you looks :lol: we all see a jealous woman ranting and raving! poor girl!

yeah, Dixie is beautiful and graceful and gracious, that is why we love her, but you even hate her for her beauty and charm! it is time that you saw your doctor :lol: Envy can always ruin a person's brain, on wonder why you say gibberish out all the time!

BTW, even if Dixie is stuck-up, we still love her! People just love her! what can you do for that?

nympho-holic, honey, I can understand your pain :wink: you can't bear the truth that Dixie is the center of the forum and people love her crazily! and you can't ask people to turn to you and love you, that drives you really mad! honey, Don't be so jealous! if you get as gracious as Dixie, I bet people will love you as well! Believe me! :wink: maybe I am the only one who love you on EC! I love you because you are a poor girl, and I don't want you to be mocked for your jealousness and narrow mind:-)

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Post by chemist » Wed Nov 24, 2004 8:12 am

RedRose wrote: you will find that there are many nice members on EC, such as lilian, Dixie, Asep, Charlotte, pinas, francine, jonrey,Arale, PoLoo, poon-bear, Begonria, sunny... and your Josef! :wink:
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Rose did forget me or I wasn't nice , :cry: :cry: :cry:
I know you just forgot my name dear, I'll put it there , ahhahahahahahah

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Post by chemist » Wed Nov 24, 2004 8:17 am

Dixie wrote:Thanks for standing up for me, Rose, but that wasn't really necessary :P

I am "the queen of the forum"?
shortly ,Yes you are dear.
We all love you.no doubt about it.


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