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We don't need to learn English grammar to speak English.Gram

Post by dinukumar7 » Mon Dec 15, 2003 7:38 am

Hi Iam new member of this forum . I have been facing many problem with english . so Iam very impressed on this topic . Grammer is necessary to understand language .we cannot go ahaed in any language without grammer. english isnot exception from that . Iam searching good way to know english grammer ,give me good advice whatever you can do .

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Post by Mandy2 » Tue Mar 16, 2004 4:02 pm

I believe that grammar is important, because it encodes meaning and thus promotes understanding. Well, I can't speak for all of you, but when someone learns a foreign language, his/her goal over time is usually that the grammatical system of the language becomes "internalized". That is, the learner's brain correctly - or at least somewhat correctly - and subconsciously forms words and combines those words into sentences as they quickly rush out of the learner's mouth. Know what I mean?

Yeah I know, acquiring this ability takes time, but don't give up!
Let's assume that you just started to learn English (including grammar) - don't let your inability to produce grammatically perfect sentences keep you from trying to communicate. Communication can take place also when your grammatical ability in a language is weak. But hey, all of us had the same problem at the very beginning. Don't get discouraged and continue your studies. You'll succeed :-)


Post by Guest » Mon Apr 19, 2004 8:56 pm

Anonymous wrote:No wonder... Birds of a feather flock together.
Grammar IS necessary - take it or leave it.
Otherwise, I mean what I say would equal I say what I mean.
Seems you mean to say you don't mean to say much. In this case just a smile will tell everything. No need to beat about the bush... er... Wouldn't it be a stupid smile?.. :?

:?: Huh???????? and please don't say "take it or leave it" because it's rude. You can express your opinion, but don't be rude. The "take it or leave it" makes a person sound like he/she having a bad attitude. If you're learning a language, learn how to talk nice. 8)


Post by Guest » Mon Apr 19, 2004 9:18 pm

Babelia wrote:Hello everyone,
I think that there is no one single or correct answer to that question. All depends we need the language for: children just need some words to supply their immediate necessities, no matter about countability. On the other hand, unlucky you if you don't know the difference between verb tenses in your FCE!

Kind regards,

:?: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I DO NOT understand what you're trying to say. It's really confusing. Are you trying to say that we don't need to learn grammar since kids don't learn grammar and they can talk? If this is what you're trying to say, can I ask you that you can see the difference between us and kids? We're not kids. We don't have to talk like kids. Besides, the difference between an educated person and an uneducated person is the way that person talks or writes. If you're in college and you talk or write like a 6 year-old kid, do you ever think of which way people will look at you? Studying is necessary and it doesn't matter what we should study for.

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Post by birrel » Fri Apr 23, 2004 8:25 am

You are the typical posh who thinks that speaking posh English is the best.


Post by Guest » Fri Apr 23, 2004 4:07 pm

birrel wrote:You are the typical posh who thinks that speaking posh English is the best.

"either you don't do it or do it right" applies for everything--not necessary English.

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Grammer is necessary and useful.

Post by Judy2004 » Sun Aug 15, 2004 6:57 am

Before I can speak English, I have the same feeling as others that grammer is useless,because I still can not open my mouth to speak English,however,I had got high marks in every examination. Now,I can communicate with others in English easily,the more I speak, the more I feel the importance of grammer.

When we speak English, it can be divided into three stages.The first is to greet with people,which is the basic and simple stage.The second is to discuss and the third is to debate,obviously,the latter two stages are more difficult and require more skills including the deep understanding of basic language knowledge,which is grammer. Suppose you are discussing or debating with your opposite,even if you make a small mistake in grammer,it can be the achilles' heel which the opposite take advantage of and attack you with. Any hope of your winning,therefore, will reduce to ashes. So is when you are making presentations and being interviewed and so on.

Grammer is not very important,which is applied in such situation that we learn to speak English.When we start to speak English,we are instructed not to bear much grammer knowledge in our mind and not to mind making grammer mistakes,otherwise it is very difficult to make progress.

Besides,a suggestion is made to measure the level of mastering grammer that if you can not explain the grammer points in an logical way in English,you can not say you have grasped it.

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Re: Grammar is necessary

Post by Judy2004 » Sun Aug 15, 2004 7:13 am

member wrote:Grammar is necessary to express him/herself correctly. In fact, to communicate in any language we need to form expressions by combining words according to its grammar rules. A word is in its turn just a combination of letters that has a sense according to the dictionary. Therefore, like we cannot obtain a word that has a sense by combining any set of letters, we cannot as well obtain a significant expression by combining words in any manner we want.

It is true that people can usually understand what we mean eventhough we don't respect grammar; but this is not a proof of our ability to express correctly, it is a proof of the intelligence of others, who are able to deduce what we mean from our erroneous expressions (like those of this message, which, I'm sure, won't prevent you of understanding what I would like to express!).

Abdelaziz Bouroumi
:) Rabat, Morocco

What you have said is concise and to the point.You can combine you precious thoughts with good grammer knowledge very well,It is also a proof that grammer is necessary and important to express any of our ideas,if we can not present them in an right and suitable way which should follows the basic grammer rules,How can we be understood?How can I appreciate you?
Thank you for the good explanation.

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Grammer:necessary but not crucial

Post by luckygirl9 » Fri Oct 15, 2004 1:11 pm

Sometimes grammer exercises really made me sick,there are too many grammers in English,who create this languge? :lol: Actually,I have enough ability to tough it out!If you catch every grains of it,you will be baffled.
Look throughout the English grammer,you will find that some of them do not obey the rules or laws all the time.And I think,the english speaking countries has the authorities to control their languge,and we should follow what they did.For example,the popular word used by many of us,"wanna" maybe comes from other counry nation in the first place,but then obsorbed into English later on.We all know that "wanna" means "want to",but when we use it,we often put a verb just after it.That's the obvious differnce to other verbs.

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Post by thinlion » Wed Oct 20, 2004 10:05 am

I think grammar is very important in English.It help me to speaking english better.Maybe many people expect grammar isn't important but with me It's very interested because I'm a vietnamese so I need it very much for study of mine.It is true for people who their country use to english

oh god I have to go to school


Post by Guest » Thu Oct 21, 2004 7:54 pm

googl wrote:I think that grammar is very important. Every language has got many rules. And English (unlike my native language) has got VERY easy rules. .

What's your native language?

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Post by Arale » Fri Oct 22, 2004 1:04 pm

I think English is the easiest language to learn.It aslo has more original words than any other language. That is why it became a global language.



Post by Guest » Fri Oct 22, 2004 8:21 pm

googl wrote:Polish. Do you know any natural language easier than English?

I don't think there is such an easy language to learn. If not, we wouldn't say learning takes time. A language or something you wanna learn will be easy for you. It will be easy for you and hard for those who don't have enough passion in the thing they're forced to do. So, the bottom line is things will be easy for those who have enough passion to do things they wanna do. :wink:

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Post by meiya » Sun Oct 24, 2004 4:28 pm

Grammar is rule not truth.It is made,not take it easy.

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Post by NiceOne » Mon Nov 01, 2004 7:10 am

Well, I think grammar is important though its difficult to learn and memorise all rules and regulations along with exceptions. When ever I read any thing which is perfect grammatically it is so easy to understand, this is the difference of grammar. I believe most of the English learners including me try to translate their native language into English which is not correct, English has its own pattern, i am no more following local authors books for English language because they have their own mixed version which is harmful for a learner. Regular efforts are required to master in grammar, one should never forget that till death we are learners, so don’t worry, when ever what ever you come across to something new try to learn it.
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Post by anilakyol » Thu Mar 10, 2005 2:39 pm

Without looking others posts I will have to say that I agree partly.If a teacher focuses on grammar too much and doesnt give importance to other components such as speaking and listening,it becomes waste of time.But in order to speak accuretely a person should know grammar of the language he or she wants to speak. :wink:

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Post by Honey » Sat Mar 19, 2005 11:15 pm

It highly depends on how it's taught and the learning strategies of every student. In my case, I can't live without grammar issues in class. I don't know why; it's somehow-somewhere and I-don't-know-what that attracts me in Grammar... maybe it's the best for very structural minds... Like mine! :cry:

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Post by GiddyGad » Wed May 18, 2005 1:04 pm

If you don't have much to say you don't have to learn grammar. And a few words will suffice. It certainly depends on personal ambitions.

Then again, why do you need a language you don't have anything to say in?
There are passive speakers, so to say, who enjoy listening and don't want to bother others with their personal interpretations and opinions concerning the heard. But how can they be sure they understand the said correctly? Practice shows they can, and they usually are. The less you know the more you are ignorant and arrogant.

Grammar IS important!!!

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