Terrorists or freedom fighters?

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Post by paradise » Sun Oct 03, 2004 12:23 am

hi all
it is my first time here
i like the topic and also ur replies .
i will tell u about my opinion but i'm sorry because of my english it may be not very well.

let us think well about terrorism

terrorism is to go to someone country and kill the perople their (the old people and children ) to force this county to make what u want .

terrorism is a bad thing and i'm not with it . because many people killed without reason .

if we talk now about the suicide-bombers (as in iraq )as u called them .
some of u may think they are terrorism . but those people are also a victoms . i know u will say how come ? they killed people and u say victoms .

yes they are victoms because what u can do if u find a great force take ur country and every day killed thousands of children and old people from ur family , friends , neighbours and people u love.

they dont find any way they can defiend them selves by except this way .

the world may see them as terrorism but they are a disappointed people who dont find a way to help thier country to be free and help the people who killed around them and injured every minute ,every hour and every day except this way.

think u are in their place a great force came into ur country and told u that they looking for the terrorism and they killed every day children , old people (are they terrorist :? )

it is my opinion from what i see every day in the newspapers, tv chanels . people injured , mothers cry , old people kiilled without any reason .

at the end this is a political issue and i'm not better in the political issues but i try to say my opinion only .

i hope m english is not too bad :wink:
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