Focus in on?

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Focus in on?

Post by pdh0224 » Tue Oct 05, 2004 1:37 am

Dear teacher,

"It's awfully important to know the category before you lay your money down," he said. Discovering a child's real talents would be even better, he added. "Your mission as a parent is to say not 'How smart is my kid?' but 'How is my kid smart?' " he said. "You focus in on that and then, wherever the kid goes to college, he'll know, 'This is what I'm good at.' "

Q : What does "in on" mean? Is it an idiom? I can't find that kind of words.

All the best, :)

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Post by Alan » Wed Oct 06, 2004 10:07 am

It's a compound phrasal verb meaning essentially the same as 'focus on' (i.e. concentrate on), so the 'in' is really rather redundant!

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