what do you think about ideal Ms.Right?

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what do you think about ideal Ms.Right?

A. she must be pretty.
B. she must be smart.
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C. she must be sweethearted.
D. she must be smart.
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E. she must be good at love activities.
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Post by Admiral » Sun Sep 25, 2005 10:40 am

If we talk about the ideal Ms. Right, then we always have to specialise. Namely: THE ideal Ms. Right for ME.

1. She should have a similar vision concerning relationship as mine. I mean, I don't think there could be love if she wants to have a loose relationship where she can switch fastly and if he wants to have a steady relationship.

So, concerning me, I think she should be more focused on the relationship with me, and she shouldn't be in love with another guy unless me, and so on.

2. To my mind, the outer appearance should fit. Let's say mine and her age difference should be at most +/- 5 years, the d(m) - d(f) at most +/- 10cm, none of us should be overproportioned.

Let's say, if I look very average, then my ms. right will also be a very average looking girl. If I am 1.65, then she should be about 1.60 and so on.

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Post by tikay » Sat Jan 28, 2006 6:12 pm

wow... i am interested why more people have not answered this. I know that everyone has a preferance...all people have certain standards one must fit to be a girlfriend...I am surprised most that no one said smartness is important...that is my biggest thing when looking at guys, I want one who can understand me and give feedback to all my glorius ideas.
:lol: :twisted: Just kidding about all of them being good, it is more like 70/30 probably...The poll didn't impress anyone in here hahahah !!! :D I got some :shock: big frog eyes for that one.
Hey admiral you are being so silly...you know that what counts most is the eye contact and the feeling you get on the back of your neck when she stands close to you ...smiles at you with those beautiful teeth...and how your knees get weak when she draws close, touching your shoulder, to wisper "I'll be right back"... right? ........(just teasing you)!
come on guys this is not a dead horse...it is a good subject to speak up about ~ help the ladies out! :roll: 8) :?
please add more for us to think about.

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Chinese man are not so shy as you thought

Post by sofiahsu » Mon May 22, 2006 6:38 am

[quote="xiaomanman"]Today I separately asked two male colleagues of mine(Both are single) about what kind of girl would be their ideal Ms.Right. one (let's call him A) answered :"well...she must be busty, fantastic face, thin waist, maybe...some fire in her eyes.". the other guy(let's call him B) answered:"well, she must obey my parents, take care of my kid and me, tender personality, if possible, she'd better be pretty." I asked:"what do you mean by [i]pretty[/i]? you mean [i]busty and sexy[/i]?" he said:"I dislike busty women, and I don't care whether my wife is sexy or not."

Oh! Both are so typical!

Of course, A is hormone-oriented, so are most men. and B is a traditional Chinese guy, who described his Ms.Right in a Chinese way![/quote]
dear,Chinese man are not so shy as you thought. perhaps there are but not all

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