Saddam has been hanged!

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Post by Shazzam » Wed Jan 03, 2007 8:48 am

LennyeTran wrote:C'mon, Anahita. Don't waste your precious lines on ignorants. Those who told him to rest in peace are mostly the same people who love the Nazi. Sometimes, I just can't understand since when and how we've shared the same club with those kinda people. They demanded democracy while they love the Nazi, people who killed others because of different religion, race, mentality differences, etc. Talking about being a hypocrite here! :roll: :roll:
Lenny please cool it. I did not post this information to start an argument please read the first post. For the sake of everyone lets keep it to the facts or it will get deleted. If we want to keep current news on the agenda then we need to do that. Keep it to the facts, don't bring religion etc into it; at the first sign of aggression or an argument it will be deleted.

So the facts are he has been hanged. There is a video. ETC ETC.

Fadi once again you are being antagonistic if you keep it going with the limited information that you have on the rules of the forums I will be forced to ask for your removal. I consider this to be an interesting topic lets keep religion, dates of religion etc out of it. If you want to discuss the topic do so with some degree of reference to the facts, not religion or politics. Thankyou.

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Post by Anahita » Wed Jan 03, 2007 9:40 am

You are right Shazzam. I apologize for bringing up some arguments about politic and religion (although it was without pervious intention for starting a discussing purposely, it just happened this way). The fact is the guy is dead and that’s all.