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Post by LadyMacbeth » Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:44 pm

Hi !

This is my latest poem. Please comment it. Put your comments both about my poem and sport generally. Maybe your comments will help me to create another poem about sport? :roll:


Big sport is a ~ business these days
It is a paradox cause at first sight it seems to be so perfect activity
- no blood there
- fair rules
but somehow
I can see there only blood and toilets
And money

Thus I think big sport is a ~ business
And nothing more

When you are on the move
You go forward
You are the best, the winner , the champion

You shape your body to make it better and better
I think
It is not what Ancient Greeks were looking for.

Where is your soul, my dear sportsman?
In a bank account ?

Big sport is the bloodiest business
These days probably
Though no bloodshed there at all
Just a bit

During these Winter Olympic Games
One ski runner
Heavily suffering from asthma
Won 2 gold medals
When this time
she should be in hospital

How is it possible?
Dear sporstwoman –
how long are you going to live
after these Winter Olympic Games?

What should I think about you?
A winner or a loser?
Who should you be to me?

Big sport is a ~ business these days
And nothing more
Just money and some fair rules
How fair?


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Post by Vega » Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:36 pm

Very nice poem about sport.

However, I didn't understand one thing:
LadyMacbeth wrote:I can see there only blood and toilets
:-) ..Where have you seen toilets there?

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Post by LadyMacbeth » Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:00 pm

Hi Xkalibur and everyone who cares about poetry...

My poem's title is ~ BUSINESS but probably it should be called VANCOUVER 2010 though after a little thought I decided to leave its first title (~ BUSINESS) withough changes. Many reasons of it.
Why toilets? Well... when younger I was practising sport a bit so I know that toilets exist. I mean I know it also without practising sport but I think medicine is so advanced nowadays that toilets must be really helpful to many sportsmen to... earn more.

But I think it is just life - you know - think about GOLD MEDAL - how much for it? and count - well... try to count a salary of a lab worker, of someone who checks the blood of a sportsman. I think it is possible to give - lets say 10 thousand dollars - for false results in lab. You know -it is called a bribe. Do you believe everything is so fair when you can win millions of dollars? Or at least - 500 thousand dollars - I don't know how much for Olympic Gold. Then 10 thousand dollars for a lab worker is nothing big at all.

That is what I wanted to write in my poem using the word "TOIlETS". :roll:


ps. Well I will try probably to compare first Greek Olympic Games in 776 BC with what can we expect in London 2012. Is it a good idea? I am not sure.
ps2. I don't have any special informations about it but I think that money you can win for a victory during Olympic Games is the best and this sport event as the most prestigeous is the most rotten :( My private opionion. Or at least - the least fair :(
ps3. I cannot say my version of BIG SPORT is optimistic. Not at all. But lets hope not everything on top is so spoilt. However big sport is a business of many people. No doubt. It isnot only 1 person who wins. There are many people behind and everyone wants to be a millionaire.
ps4. In my poem above I wrote
Won 2 gold medals
when in fact it should be written
almost won 4 gold medals
Where is the truth? The time will show or it won't... like always... :roll:


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