At the Christmas Party

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At the Christmas Party

Post by mentarget » Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:56 am

At the christmas party.

Akin's school closed for Christmas holidays on the 20th of December. A day before the school closed for the Christmas holidays, a Christmas party was held in the school. The pupils had been waiting for this day. So, all of them were at the party. The teachers were there. Some of th parents were also there with their children.

The party began at 2 p.m. It began with the national anthem and it was played by the school band. All the people joined in the singing. The band played it very well. The people enjoyed it so much that they clapped their hands for the band after the song. After that, all the people sat down. The headmaster stood up to talk to all the people at the party. He was the chairman. He welcomed all the people to the party. He was happy that they were all there and hoped that they would all enjoy themselves at the party. He said that they would have a number of activities at the party. There were going to be dancing, singing, entertainment, and gifts from Father christmas.

When the headmaster finshed speaking, the school band played Christmas carols. The people enjoyed listening to the carols. Many of them sang the carols as the band played them. In between the carols, different dance groups did their dancing. Each group was led by a teacher and the members of each group were dressed in the same way. The members of each group and their teacher danced together. The parents who were present enjoyed the dances very much.

Later, it was the turn of the music master to play some record for the people. He played different kinds of music and many of them were known by pupils. They could not sit down any more. The teachers allowed them to dance and they came out and danced to the music. The children enjoyed this very much.

After the dancing, groups of singers from different classes sang for the people. Each group sang a different song. As the groups were singing, the teachers brought out soft drinks, biscuits, and groundouts for the people. The teachers served these things to all the people present. They made sure that the things they served got to everybody present.

The last thing that happened that day was the coming of Father Christmas. The band was playing Christmas carols again when he came. The children shouted and stood up when Father Christmas came. They wanted to see him clearly. The headmaster said that the children would in to Father Christmas one by one to get their gifts. The teachers helped to arrange the children in a single line. They went to Father Christmas and got different gifts from him. Some got plastic cups or plates. Others got pens or exercise books. Some others got toys of different kinds. They were very happy with the gifts. The party band to an end at 6 p. M. Everybody went home happily.

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Re: At the Christmas Party

Post by Vega » Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:33 pm

I see no significant errors, but it could be written more poetic..

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