Can anyone help me correcting a text?

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Can anyone help me correcting a text?

Post by Belgian » Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:14 pm

Hi to you all,
For my integrated test of english I have to write a report about a Touristic Information Center where I will do my trainee ship. My nationality is belgian so i'm not that good at english. But this test is very important to me and if i fail, i might also fail my year..
Is there a goodhearted person who can help me correcting my report (or a piece of it)? Or just get the horrible mistakes out of it?

Thank you!
This is a part of my report:

The general aim of this social service is to promote Turnhout as a gorgeous, cultural town. Turnhout is not only the town of the playing cards, it has a wide offer of beautiful attractions like the Beguinage, the Bloemekesgang and the church of St Peter’s. The entirety of attractions, cozy bars and restaurants make Turnhout a very interesting city whereby the Touristic Information Center would like to help people to discover it. It also assists tourists in searching for facilities like vacancies, restaurants and car parks. The Touristic Information Center also offers several leaflets for free and sells maps and souvenirs. Organizing cultural events like ‘De Vrijdagen’ is also a small part of what this center does.

Scope of the business within its segment

The Touristic Center is situated at the market place from Turnhout, in the middle of the center. This place is chosen on purpose because most of the tourists pass by the city center when they are visiting Turnhout. This Touristic Center is the only in Turnhout, so it is active in the whole city.

Providing tourists with touristic information is not everything this center does; back in the days, the touristic center organized ‘De Vrijdagen’. People worked half a year to get it all organized! Now, it still organizes events like a witch trip on Halloween. All the year round it offers tourists unique group daytrips. There are different kinds of trips: a nature trip where you walk through the Turnhout fen area, a trip that leads you around from museums to monuments. You can go on a journey through time while visiting the playing card museum or visit the Taxandriamuseum, the Natuurpuntmuseum or the castle of the Dukes of Brabant. If you are more into a historic journey, that’s possible with the walks and tours where guides tell you more about Turnhout’s old characters and legends. On Christmas-time for example, it is possible to walk the ‘Christmas Crib Tour’.

If you are not into trips, the Touristic Information Center has also other things in mind for you. You can have a kayak initiation or take a peek behind the white screen of Utopolis.

Key figures

The Touristic Information Center sells several goods like souvenirs to tourists but most of the services are free. The Touristic Information Center is an initiative from the city Turnhout and it is a non-profit company in order to attract more tourists to Turnhout. So there is not really something like vis-à-vis competition for this company.

Self-evident is that this report only a small segment reveals of what is really going on in my trainee company. I would like to discover more about a company that presents a great city like Turnhout in all its glory.

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Re: Can anyone help me correcting a text?

Post by alawton » Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:03 pm

Here are a couple of things you can change to make it "flow" better:

"it has a wide offer of beautiful" to "it has a wide array of..."

"It also assists tourists in searching for facilities like vacancies, restaurants and car parks." to: The center also assists tourists with information on lodging, restaurants and parking.

Andrew Lawton

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