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In future will Robbots improve to become humans?

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In future will Robbots improve to become humans?

Postby Moody » Sat Sep 15, 2007 2:53 pm

As per scientific research,all the living creatures(living life forms always destined to die) on planet earth are originated from water or in simple words made out of water. That's why our scientists seek water on other planets to find the sign of life there or any where else,if possible.
Now the question is, are we (our scientists) researching in the right direction, if we say that future Robbots can become like humans???
1- Where they are made of different metals, like any other mechenical device.
2-They always need some type of energy to operate, like any other mechenical,electricity, liquid or solid fuels.
3- Needed to be switch on and switch off like other devices.

Remember almost all forms of energies are even originated / made out of water,e.g.,liquid,gas or solid fuels, electricity or any thing that has little sign of life is originated from water.

So basically all the artificial life like movement(electiric or mechenical machines) or even light which we manage to put together, we see around us is undoubtedly born out of water or with the help of water/earth based fuel energy.

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Re: In future will Robbots improve to become humans?

Postby sweethuman » Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:36 am

I dont think so any machinery can replace humans, because all the machineries are made by human beings, and if they are damaged or disorganized so it is the human being who fix it up. They cant monitor themselves though it is the human being to monitor those machineries.

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