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I need second opinin on my CV

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I need second opinin on my CV

Postby sigit » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:35 am

Dear all,
Currently i am trying to apply for the you Job, I need your valuable input regarding my CV.please take a look below, a private info are hidden from the CV any constructive input would be appreciate.


Current Address:
Jln. Jabir no.91, Ragunan,
Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
sigixxxxx.s @

To obtain new challenge as geophysicist in your company, utilize my experiences and abilities to best serve the company needs as well as to develop my professional skills.

Careers summary
Exploration geophysicist with more than 5 years experiences mainly as seismic interpreter in PetroChina International Jabung Block, South Sumatra Basin.

2D/3D seismic interpretation, leads and prospects reconnaissance as well regional mapping, rock physics analysis, seismic attributes generation both seismic inversion & amplitude versus offset (AVO) for clastic and carbonates.

B.Sc Geophysics from University of Gadjah Mxxx, Joxxxxrta- Indonesia 2002– 2007
Thesis Title: Lithology and Porosity Prediction using Seismic Attributes.
GPA: 3.02 (scale 4)

Technical Skills
Geoframe (IESX, GeoViz, CPS-3), Hampson Russell (Avo, Strata, Emerge), Petrel, FFA, Openwork, SMT Kingdom 8.5, TrapTester, Opendtect and GeoProbe.
Petrophysic: GS software.

Professional Experiences
Geophysicist 06/2011- presents
PetroChina International Jabung, Jakarta.
• Prepare work program and budget, AFE and support permits matter with authorities
• Planning design and budget 3D seismic survey with service company
• Perform 2D/3D seismic interpretation from fluvial-deltaic reservoir
• Perform structure and stratigraphy mapping (carbonate & clastic cases)
• Applied AVO attributes & DHI analysis at bright spot zone
• Perform seismic inversion, curvature, similarity to enhance reservoir
• Identify Basement fracture reservoir at South Sumatra Basin

Jr. Geophysicist 06/2008– 06/2011
PetroChina International Jabung, Jakarta.
• Generate and evaluate leads and prospects
• Propose, QC and interpret Vertical Seismic Profile / Check shot and DSI survey
• Conducted G&G study and manage the rock physics study
• Assist reservoir geologist to compute the reserve & volumetric
• Subsurface mapping, contouring, time to depth conversion
• Build geological static model, well correlation and reserve assessment.
• Define new well location and prepare appraisal stage
• Generate multi vintage 2D seismic miss-tie analysis and amplitude normalization

Geophysics Apprentice Program 08/2007– 06/2008
PetroChina International, Jakarta.
• Perform feasibility study included pre inversion and AVO gather analysis
• Well log cross plot, fluid replacement modeling and seismic gather analysis
• Create useful G&G database to assist senior geoscientist
• Involve define appropriate seismic survey and processing flowchart

Technical Assistant Geophysicist 01/2007– 08/2007
Energy Center – University of Gadjah Mada.
• Perform regional interpretation to generate leads and prospects from clastic reservoir Talang Akar to carbonate of Baturaja West Java Basin.
• Synthetic seismogram generation and well tie.
• Applied acoustic impedance and porosity prediction.

Professional Trainings Attended
Development Geologist Jogjakarta, 2011
Structural Interpretation using Traptester Jakarta, 2011
Introduction to Indonesian PSC Economic. Jakarta, 2011
Geochemistry Jogjakarta, 2011
SMT Kingdom 8.5 Jakarta, 2011
Introduction to Petrel Jogjakarta, 2011
Basin and Petroleum System Analysis. Jogjakarta, 2011
Geomechanics Jakarta, 2011
Petroleum Geology of Indonesia Lombok, 2011
Sequence Stratigraphy Jogjakarta, 2011
Seismic Preserve Amplitude Data Processing Bandung, 2011
Seismic Data Analysis for Interpreter Bali, 2009

Professional Workshops Presentation
PetroChina Exploration Workshop with Partners Kunming-China, 2011
PetroChina Exploration Workshop with Partners Chengdu-China, 2010

Sigit Wxxxx, Bagus xxxx. Nurxxxxx ; 2D Interpolation Mapping for Seismic Inversion with Pseudo Well and Attribute Mapping for Exploration Strategy at Prospect Field in Jabung Area. (PIT-IAGI-2010-141)

Organizations Membership

• Photography • Soccer, Badminton • Cinema

Made Sulxxx
Geologist Advisor
PetroChina Jabung
made.xxxxx @

Dr. Bagus Exxxx B. Nuxxxxxxx
Sr. Geophysicist & Lecturer Ixx
Rock Flxx xxxxxx
bagusxx @

Danu xxxxadji
+6281568xxxxx @

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Re: I need second opinin on my CV

Postby gandalf » Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:11 am

I comment only on the form of a point list.
You must make sure that all lists items have the same grammatical form.
In describing your past work, you should use verbs in simple past tense.

(In a list of tasks, items could start with verbs in infinitive form, like "to prepare")

Professional Experience
Geophysicist 06/2011- present
PetroChina International Jabung, Jakarta.
• Prepared work program and budget, AFE and support permits for authorities
• Planned, designed and budgetted 3D seismic survey with service company
• Performed 2D/3D seismic interpretation from fluvial-deltaic reservoir
• Performed structure and stratigraphy mapping (carbonate & clastic cases)
• Applied AVO attributes & DHI analysis at bright spot zone
• Performed seismic inversion, curvature, similarity to enhance reservoir [this is not clear]
• Identified basement fracture [in?] reservoir at South Sumatra Basin

You use AFE, AVO, DHI: are you sure the reader of your CV knows them?

The purpose of a CV is often to get an interview.
A personnel (HR) department appreciates more general and shorter information.
You will have to show what you know later, in the technical interview.

Perhaps you could make a one-page general format and a separate appendix
with details of the tasks you did in particular perevious jobs.


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