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How I learned English ?

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How I learned English ?

Post by tejistic » Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:15 pm

Hello Readers,

First of all, Let me introduce you myself. I am Tej Partap Singh Kahlon from India. I'm an Engineer and I'm 22. I belong to a very small village in Southernmost part of Punjab State.

My parents were illiterate. They didn't had any kind of Government or Private job. But, somehow they managed to educate me in a Private school. Talking about my school, It boasted of being the only English medium school in our city. Sadly, the faculty members used to speak in our native language. It badly affected our grip over english language. We were out of confidence to speak much of English with our friends and teachers. Though I scored good marks in boards but just thorough cramming up grammar rules and English books. Our experience towards it was negligible. It showed up when I entered College. I was taken aback when I came to know that English was not much used their too. The lectures used to address lectures in Hindi. It was only on my last day of College, when I gave a speech about my major project in English, which was like a nightmare for me.

From that day, I couldn't resist myself to start learning the basics of English from scratch. Thanks to the era of Internet, I managed to overcome my fear.

If you want to become a good English Speaker, Listening is the key to success. You have to focus on this single aspect. Try to listen more and more English news e.g. BBC World News, Times Now etc. It will help you out a lot to make a base in English. If you are able to understand various accents, the words and their pronunciations, message what speakers are trying to express is the very first step. Next comes Reading. Reading will be beneficial for you in terms of writing English. You will come across numerous new words which you perhaps know nothing about. Note them down, Cram them up and apply the same in your Writing to enhance your Writing skills. Speaking comes at last, as when you have managed to cover up the first three quintessential steps. It'd come out naturally if you have a strong grip in first three listed aspects of English language. Do not try to spoil your fluency just to attain and put up an unique accent. It would come up as an obstacle while you are speaking. Be natural and speak louder and clear.


1. Read one page of an English newspaper daily. This will on average make you familiar with 10-12 new words. Learn their meaning and apply the same while you speak.
2. Listen to BBC World News strictly. Do not make a habit of listening to Indian news as your accent will get affected. Try to adopt British accent as the expressions are very clear.
3. Create blogs on the internet. Try writing your daily happenings of life over your blogs. Do not think about mistakes. The more you will make mistakes, The more you will learn from them.
4. Stay in confidence. Give your 100 %. Work harder because Rome wasn't built in a day.

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Re: How I learned English ?

Post by noure » Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:31 am

hi, i am noure {-:
nice to know about your experience.
now let me talk about mine ,i mean obstacles,in our country we don't use English much our first lang is French.English is used just in classes that's why i have a bad eng.
can you please advise me which books should i read and websites to visit
as soon as possible

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Re: How I learned English ?

Post by dwigh » Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:11 am

If you have decided that you want to learn English, you are about to start on a fairly difficult journey. While English is one of the most widely spoken languages, particularly in the western hemisphere, it is also one of the most difficult to learn. If you have committed yourself to learning the language, here are some tips you can use to make it a little easier.
Tip 1 - Identify Your Motivation and Desire
Tip 2 - Set Realistic Goals
Tip 3 - Set Aside Time to Practice
Tip 4 - Immerse Yourself in the Language

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Re: How I learned English ?

Post by camwill » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:52 pm

Some great tips for learning.

Realistic goals and immersion in the language are especially good tips.

I always tell my students to not worry about making mistakes because they WILL make mistakes, so don't get hung up about them!
Blog About ESL

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Re: How I learned English ?

Post by eugena » Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:05 am

Learning English is really easy you only need to do is to always read English book and dictionary in order for you to learn more about it.I been in a call center world in Sweden and give kundservice or customer service and to be honest i am not fluent in English but i can speak it and understand sometimes accent is very important and you should learn it too.

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Re: How I learned English ?

Post by anamoreno » Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:28 pm


My name is Ana Moreno and I am an industrial designer from Mexico. The next two years Iĺl be teaching English and Leadership.

Its good to know about your experiences learning English.

About myself. I had the luck of being on bilingual schools all my life. I can't even remember how did I started but what I know is that the focus was first Grammar and at the end you learnt how to speak. I think this is useful when you have a lot of time to study English like I did but I really think the communicative competence approach is better because you can say you know a lot of English but then you try to speak with native speakers and they give you weird looks because you "speak funny".

Fortunately now we have a lot of resources on the web to make the students to get in touch with the real culture and every day language. We should use those resources more so that besides learning the Language, students can adapt it to the context.

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Re: How I learned English ?

Post by sanjaySinha » Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:36 am

This is Sanjay Sinha. I learned English very well and now I want to share my experience with others.

You can also improve your English with these simple tips:
1) First, learn 2-3 new words daily
2) then try to speak with trusted friend and family to make it habit
3) You stuck while speaking English because of your small vocabulary and also because you do filtering in your own language before speak.
4) Reading, writing and listening will also help you to improve English.

In the beginning, I could understand nothing of how people speak English. But soon I started to understand individual words. I learned English with time, my efforts and with the help of EnglishSikho app and

You can easily get a variety of words, grammar lectures and fun games to learn English. It's a good website to learn English.

Thanks and regards.
Sanjay Sinha
Teaching English from 5 years

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