Can you correct my Design Brief?

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Can you correct my Design Brief?

Post by layan »

Hi everyone

Can you please correct this brief? It's about Brand visual identity design, the brand name is "Reflect" and I need my explanation to be understandable and make sense.


"Reflect is handcrafted loose leaf tea blends, that's Calm and clear the mind to help to refocus during your self-reflection times.
The Visual identity is all about reflected and repeated elements, From the logo to the packaging design.
Patterns were made by reflecting the logo many times to make geometric, sharp shapes, that gives luxuries, depth look and feel.
I've designed 3 blends packagings. each one has its own color and name."

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Re: Can you correct my Design Brief?

Post by knowable »

Reflect is a loose tea-leave blend. It adds/brings clarity and calm(ness) to the mind during self-reflection.

Reflect takes its name from the geometrically designed logo and packaging, a design that is as luxurious to touch as to look at.

There are three blends to choose from, with each blend designed to meet its purpose.
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