What about 40 and 44?

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What about 40 and 44?

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When I saw Ronny for the first time, he looked like other kids in the first­grade classroom where I volunteered as a Reading Mom. However, he usually arrived at school wearing old clothes.
On the day when it was Ronny's turn to read, he sat very close to me. I watched his fingers move slowly under each letter as he tried to speak out “Bud the Sub”. It sounded more like “Baw Daw Saw” when he said it because of his difficulty with the alphabet(字母).
The year passed quickly and Ronny had made some progress but he was still below the level of grade. A few weeks before the school year ended, I held an award(颁奖) ceremony. I had gifts and certificates(证书) for everyone. It took me a while to think about which Ronny fit. I believed the gift could cheer him up. I finally decided on “The Most Progressive Reader”. I showed his certificate and a book.
A few days later, I saw Ronny reading the book when I went back to the school. His teacher said, “He hasn't put that book down. That's the first book he's ever owned.”
Fighting__back tears(眼泪) I came near Ronny and asked, “Will you read me your book, Ronny?” He nodded.
And then, for the next few minutes, he read to me more smoothly than I'd ever thought. When he finished reading, Ronny closed his book and said, “Good book.”
At that moment, I knew I should do what an author(作家) had done—care children and make them excellent.

(  )40. The writer was moved so deeply that she wanted to ________.
A. help more children become successful
B. take care of Ronny all the time
C. teach children in the school as a teacher
D. write more novels for children

I had a dream once. My classmates and I were enjoying our day on the playground. Some of us were playing basketball and running, while others were simply talking and having fun. We were happy without any pressure of schoolwork.
Suddenly, my alarm woke me up, and it was time to get up. A new day was starting. For a boy in Grade 9, preparing for the coming senior high school entrance examination takes up most of my time.
My real dream is a simple one. I wish I could have a little time for myself each day. I want to have a short break and dream about what I want to be when I grow up. It is just like seeing an island after a long, tiring journey at sea. I don't want to become a dull boy, studying all the time without any time to play.
Luckily, my teachers and parents are starting to understand. After working hard for a long time, our teachers will let us go outside and breathe the fresh air. My parents will sometimes take me out for a meal or to enjoy the seaside. It's so sweet. It's like a bird flying home to its nest.
It is also a good reward. I am starting to find my own study pace(节奏), and I am becoming one of the top students in my class. I have to say enjoying your free time will make you better.

(  )44. What is the writer's real dream?
A. To have little time for himself each day.
B. To have a rest sometimes and think for himself.
C. To play basketball and run with his classmates.
D. To be a dull boy.
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