21-y-o man killed and buried by 7 14-y-o boys

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21-y-o man killed and buried by 7 14-y-o boys

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It is very shocking.
It took place in Yongchang County, Gansu Province in the northwestern part of China.
An old man reported to the local police that his son, a 21-year-old man, could not be found for a few days.
Later, police found the dead body of this young man from a burial and the culprits were caught soon.
They confessed that they, a group of 7 boys aged from 12-14 years, hit the tied young man with cudgels and sticks, after he was found to shadow a girl of 14 years old, the girlfriend of one of them.
He was put on knees and struck hard with heavy tools and lost his conciousness many times during the days he was prisoned in the house of one of them.
He then was taken to a deserted land and put into a hole they digged, believing he was dead.
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