Is a classroom a good place for dating?

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Is a classroom a good place for dating?

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Yesterday the video of a couple of young students making love in a classroom of western China's Qinghai University was released online.

Three days ago another young couple was found doing the same in a well-lit classroom of Sichuan Communication College, another school located in western China. The incident attracted a large number of students who gathered outside watching the live show through the window, with some of them using high calibre video cameras for filming or live streaming.

Back to last year, a couple was caught by the surveilance monitor installed in the classroom having copulation on the table before the blackboard first and against the wall in the back of the room later,with varied positions tried. It was taking place in Heilongjiang College of Technology, based in northeastern China.

In the era of new media, are young people all crazy?
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Re: Is a classroom a good place for dating?

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Were there any repercussions for these couples?

Did the schools or the authorities take any action?
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