[b]happiness is everywhere[/b]

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[b]happiness is everywhere[/b]

Post by harriet » Thu Jun 26, 2003 4:09 am

:D I could still remember an old story about a man finding happiness. long ago ,there was a powerful king lived in his empire. but he wasn`t happy at all though he has everything he wants.one day he told people that he wanted to go outside to find happiness.all of them were very surprised to hear that because the king seldom goes out.all in all,he went out and walked a long long way.in the end ,he lost confidence and no longer wanted to go on the walk.he was sad again because he couldn`t find his happiness.suddenly just beside a small farm he was just standing,he saw a farmer who seemed to be very happy at the moment and was singing while working.the king felt very strange and he asked himself why he was so happy?he can`t help but to go towards the man and asked,"hey,man,do you feel very happy?""yes"the man suddenly replied."but why?""no why,i just felt that life is so beautiful."of course ,the king couln`t have understood the man.but he thought that only if he put on the clothes that happy man wears,he will find his own happiness.once again,he failed and later on the king no longer found his happiness.
So you see from this short story,we can really learn a lot.because the king didn`t know what life is and how to sample it,that`s why he couldn`t find his happiness all his life.
Friends,please don`t look for your happiness because you will always lose your happiness.sometimes if we do sth on purpose, we will fail most likely.just remember to sample your life and live an easy life!

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Post by Lac » Fri Jun 27, 2003 2:28 am

hello Harriet,
Your essay is quite interesting when speaking of happiness. It is evident that such happiness doesn't exist elsewhere and you try to look find it. That means happiness is not similar to something you could touch and see it. Due to its invisibility and insentience, many people seem not to have enough experience about it. I say that because each of us has quite different views of happiness as well as sorrows. The rich views his/her suffering in a rather different than the poor, and vice versa.
Everyone knows that rich cannot create happiness. That remark is presented through the story of the king from Harriet. So poverty creates happiness and prosperity creates suffering? Of course not. Prosperousness moves man toward happy and well-off life, meaning knowing how to use it and able to manage one's wealth.
Happiness evidently lies deeply within our mind and goes beyond all things around. When we get something, we feel joyful. When we attain nothing that we really desire, we feel some hopelessness overwhelming our mind.
Talking about happiness is an extremely long subject and cannot be included in just a few pages. We can understand far more closely that our happiness exists right here, right now. Dont seek something beyond us which is really unrealistic and we are unlikely aware of what will follows it.
Satisfied with our present moment, we also prepare fully for our future. Living happily now means having been in preparation well for future.
bye bye


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Post by daimy » Thu Aug 12, 2004 1:16 pm

Hello! :lol:
Happiness is not too great thing that we spend much time to find ,happiness is always around us, only that we are aware of how it is
Happiness is sometimes rather simple , caressing manners for you, having dinner with your family in cosy atmosphere, you feel happy , that is happiness or when you are sad, you are interested in by your relatives and friends, that is also happiness
In our lives, perhaps there have been some times we have not been aware of happiness by indeliberation or deliberation . I myself lost my happiness by indeliberation and haughtiness until it slipped out of my hands , I have felt deeply regret until now , but everything was too late.
Many people think that money can buy everything, but happiness certainly can not be bought by money.
A rich family where members treat one another as strangers in cool atmosphere is improbable happier than a poverty family where members are interested in one another in cosy atmosphere

Should respect what you have

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Post by _Arale_ » Thu Aug 12, 2004 2:02 pm

Hi all,
It is so interesting to talk all your writings . I will tell you a story about happiness .
Long time ago , evils wanted to take the revenge with human .Then they tried to find the most paintful way .One evil said "Let's hide their happiness because only losing happiness people hurt the most ."All other evils agreed with this way but where could they hide human's happiness ?
An evil said "Hide it in the sky " ,other said " No ,hide it on deep ocean " ,others added " No ,hide it in deep land " ...
The oldest evil said " No ,people are very intelligent they will find it though we hide in the sky ,ocean or deep land .I advice that we should hide it in theirselves . That is the only place people never find !"
All evils agreed with this idea .Then they hide human's happiness in theirselves . That is the reason why people always go to find their happiness though it is only inside therselves !
My friends , happiness is not far ,not out of reach .It is near our side ,right on ourselves .Don't waste time to find it .
If you think u are happy , you will be happy !!!


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