People should conform to a country's dress codes.

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Dixie wrote:This is something I've been asking myself for a long time. Due to immigration, we see Muslim women every day, dressed from head to toes, and now in summer we wonder... Isn't it too hot? Don't they realize it's too hot to dress like that? But I guess they don't, or, if they do, it's not important for them. They were educated that way, they must hide their body regardless of the heat... I think it's so cruel, but at the same time I'm freaked out by the fact that they don't seem to care; they are bound to their countries's sexist rules. They are living in a free society now, where they can dress however they want to, but they just stick to their traditions. Seeing them makes me feel bad for them, because I know why they dress like that, and I don't understand why they don't complain to their husbands or whoever it is that makes them hide their body and suffer from this heat!On the other hand, I am sure I wouldn't change my European way of dressing if I went to other countries, but I think that's different. I dress the way I want, there's nobody telling me I should hide my body or my face or my hair (and if there was, I wouldn't listen! :lol: Who are they to tell me what I should do).

So, I also think that if I wouldn't change my dressing style, we can't ask them to do it, either. Regardless of the difference (we dress the way we want, while they are told how to dress).

I'd like to hear the opinions of other Muslims, please.
If the country we are talking about claims that it is free. It believe and respects the individual human rights. Then its people and laws SHOULD BE CIVILIZED ENOUGH(?) to support the MODERATE APPROCAH of acceptance and respect the "People with specific religious dress requirements"!!!!!
For Example : BY PERSONAL CHOICE Muslim women head scarfs or Sikh Turban. Or Modest Dress code for Muslims which says for man or women, you CAN WEAR ANY DRESS(FASHIONABLE,REGIONAL,CULTURAL) that shouldn't be very tight, sexually revealing and provoking, including legs, cleavage, buttocks etc.
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bambang wrote:
LennyeTran wrote:Religious rules I'm okay with:
"To refrain from intoxicants which lead to loss of mindfulness (refrain from using drugs or alcohol)"
"Honor your father and your mother..."
"Do not murder"
"Do not commit adultery."
"Do not steal."
"Do not bear false witness against your neighbor"
"Do not covet your neighbor's house"

The rest are just bunch of nonsense to me. :roll:
Nonsense ??? :evil:
nonsense ??? :evil: :evil:
The rest are just bunch of nonsense to you ? :evil: :evil: :evil:

Do you think that studying and working hard are in that category?
Do you think that helping others is in that category?
Do you think that being honest in that category?
Do you think that being responsible is in that category?
Do you think that not being hypocrite is in that category?
You name it !!

What actually are trying to say honey ???

Sorry I just want to comment on this...

What LennyeTran tried to point out here are RELIGIOUS RULES which are different from what Bambang was trying to express. Bambang opined more on acts of man/how to be humane, however I know there are more...nevertheless, misunderstandings usually occur when the difference in religion gets in the way... There's no point of debate here, I supposed. Let's just respect each other's opinion...
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Re: People should conform to a country's dress codes.

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To begin with, here , I wish to recall one of the most famous phrases: 'WHEN YOU'RE IN ROME BE A ROMAN'. No one has got any right to dictate terms to any country particularly if you breach the rule of that country by defying and wearing your own pattern of dress which is not permissable in that country or it is not accepted in that society.Will a lady be permited to have sun bath in her bikini or swim suit in the beaches of Gulf ?The lady can not protest here.Similarly if a muslim lady is objected to wear a veil or a scarf around her neck in an European country she can not protest either.The best solution for this issue is do not go to a country where you can not be the way you want be. Stay back in your own country or still better stay back in your own house. You can be as you wish. Do not show your ignorance by protesting what is not right in that country.
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Re: People should conform to a country's dress codes.

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We should be able to wear whatever makes us happy
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Re: People should conform to a country's dress codes.

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Good morning
As for me, and being of Muslim faith, I wore a traditional muslim clothing during my wedding. Does this shock you?
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