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at the end of chapter 5

Post by LadyMacbeth » Sun Apr 01, 2007 7:54 pm

Hmmm... today I have finished to read chapter number 5.
I still have some problems with names of mansions but some new conclusions.
Lady Middleton has 4 kids. Four noisy, misbehaving kids.
Edward Ferras came to Barton Cottage to see Elinor. He was very sad. I think someone must have forbidden him to propose to poor Elinor (a rich aunt or someone similar :roll:).
He had adored Elinor before she moved to Barton Cottage. He is a brother of Fanny Dashwood so imagine the rest... :(

Willoughby (Marianne's adorer) suddenly went away and she still sobes for him through whole fith chapter :(
I am sure a next rich aunt must have acted here too! :(
Younger sister of Mrs Middleton came to visit her. She is pregnant. She married a member of parliament because her mother told her to do it. She is happy with him (she says). Now something really interesting - earlier Colonel Brandon had also wanted to marry her! But he was rejected! :( I think he must have been rejected by many women of his age and probably he will be trying to seduce Marianne! I can smell it in the air... though who knows... I can be completely mistaken (of course) :roll: :roll: :roll:... but think what a perfect vengence of his it might be to marry quite young Marianne...when everyone around looks at him...but she doesn't care about him at this moment... so probably she will grow up to this love... :roll: :roll:
Also two other sisters came to visit the Middletons.
Their relatives too. One is 23 another 29.
Everyone expected they would make friends with Marianne and Elinor but the one 29 is too malicious, the younger doesn't care much and the younger girls don't like them at all:(
What a pity :(
They came to admire children of Lady Middleton... to be continued soon...

isn't this story exciting? :roll:

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chapter nr 7

Post by LadyMacbeth » Tue Apr 03, 2007 6:09 pm

Today I have managed to reach chapter number 7.
All friends are in London in this chapter.
It is hard to say what is going on.... Marianne seems to be interested in a handsome Spaniard who asked her to dance with him during one of London parties.
Colonel Brandon still have no chances... specially with his pain in an arm... :(

What is on? What is on?

On a CD attached to my reader I can hear a tuneful song that was being probably played during parties that took place in London that time...

Enjoy listening... a song about dancing in the rain... good topic in London :)

Livin la vida loca - Ricky Martin

to be continued soon...

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to everyone who cares...

Post by LadyMacbeth » Thu Apr 05, 2007 1:49 pm

Hi today:)
Of course my letter from yesterday was only partly true. There arenot any Spaniards in London in JA books. Besides the music played during parties that time must have been surely much quieter than Riky Martin's hits.

So to be quite true I have stuck at chapter 7. What new? Not much. Elinor and Marianne went to London. Mrs Jennings invited her ( a mother of Lady Middleton and Charlotte Palmer).

Of course Daswood sister met Steels sisters and Lucy Steel (23) confessed (or rather boosted) to Elinor Dashwood (19) that she was enganged to Edward Ferras. Elinor didn't believe at first but....a tragedy indeed... :( :roll:

Lucy Steel (16) desperately wants to be adored again by Willoughby but she is too poor. He even met him during one ball but he didn't want to talk to her! She probably will be crying all next chapter... poor Lucy - she must learn that you can be the most beautiful on earth but Emma Woodhouse will ever be richer, more eloquent, beautiful and smarter... :(

Just life... :(

Besides (truly writing) I have 3 CDs attached to my reader ...not 1... how is it possible that it is cheaper to produce three CDs than one... I will never understand it :(

It is really hard to follow publishers thinking... :(

:roll: :roll: :roll:

to be continued soon...

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Post by lietus » Thu Apr 05, 2007 5:27 pm

...nice you've got doubt Jane Austen's every book is worth reading.

nice emotions:))

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hello again:)

Post by LadyMacbeth » Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:44 pm

Well... Jane Austin's books are really OK. Truly speaking they are probably the most British books of the XIXth century. Really. We can get know from them about many things that used to be/still are typically British and they all have happy endings. This is very British way of thinking (my opinion). Thus I like them very much even though they are sometimes totally boring (I have to admit)... :-)

However, sometimes I wonder what would Alanis Morissette sing about all these Jane Austin's marriages ... probably she would sing like in this one in-famous AOL session of her where she sung about a man having a beautiful... husband :(.
And sometimes I must really agree with her (specially having in mind London-famous scandalous exploits of very brilliant and eloquent Sir Oscar Wilde) :(

Alanis Morissette Ironic

read me soon...


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Post by LadyMacbeth » Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:50 pm

Well... I have just found that Wilde came from Ireland. would explain a lot of (why he was so famously in-famous)...


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last ps today...

Post by LadyMacbeth » Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:56 pm

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hello again :)

Post by LadyMacbeth » Sun May 20, 2007 8:15 pm

Hello hello :)

I have come to revive this bit forgotten topic with new ideas. Well... last time I stuck in chapter 9 where we could read that Colonel's Brandon brother (or sister - I have to check it) didn't have any happy marriage.
Truly speaking someone was seduced or seduced somebody and one extramarital child came to this world (or something like that). Hmmm... Brandow left for India then. He came back quite rich and quite old. All women didn't want him. Probably he wasn't too talkative, too charming... :roll: ...or he didn't have any big house when he was young,pretty and healthy... later he was too old for already married women he had liked before.... :roll:

All in all I think it isn't a totally boring book:) Really :) I encourage everyone to read it though I like "Mansfield Park" much better. The title says everything... probably each Jane Austin's book should have "park" or "mansion" in its title... it would be more clear to understand many feelings then... :roll:

Probably also in each her novel people should discuss bit more not only about London but also about slavery. Then they could be less hypocritic hahaha :)


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Post by roses » Mon May 21, 2007 1:07 am

As a native speaker of English I am quite impressed with your efforts to read this book. I would be more inclined to describe it as an "advanced" book than an intermediate one. "Sense and Sensibility" can be studied in the senior years of high school for a native speaker.

To my regret I have never read it. It's a "classic" novel in English literature by a fine author.

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hello :)

Post by LadyMacbeth » Tue May 22, 2007 6:05 pm

Hello roses (and everyone else).

Thanks for your good words to me :) I am no native speaker and I will never be (of course). I have been writing here this and that to practise English and Net is the easiest way of learning it I know :) You simply must have an access, be on-line and ...write in English whatever you want (well... almost whatever) :). Sometimes people dislike your ideas and ban you then.
Hahaha - I try to avoid banning me here so I write about books. I think it is safe to me :roll: How is really time will show... :)

Of course I still make many mistakes... I know it...sometimes I re-read my texts here but mostly not... I am too tired ...:(

OK - today chapters 8 and 9 - and to be more truthful - chapter 9.
Well... Willoughby is out of Lucy's reach. He is going to get married another woman - maybe not so beautiful but richer... Willougby likes money more than he liked Lucy I am afraid... :(
Well...He must be surely older than 16 years old or what :roll:
But more clouds over heads of main heroes in this book...Colonel Brandon arrived to comfort broken down Lucy. But she wanted to talk to noone. So Brandon told Elinor that earlier Willoghby had seduced his niece whom he (Brandon) was supposed to bring up after the death of her parents. So -imagine!!!- Brandon's niece even had a baby with Willougby as far as I got it! :(
Brandon sent her to schools, went back to India and.... and the result of these deeds was really misareable...
It all happened after death of Brandon's brother who had divorced his wife cause he didn't love her. Brandon loved her but she had to marry his older brother who didn't love her and bullied her... finally she ran away with her lover and died. Finally Eliza's cruel husband died at last too. Younger Brandon inherited his house and took responsibility for bringing up little Eliza...

What a sad, crazy story you have to admit... now I am more than sure that good Brandon will marry Lucy Steel and Edward Ferras will marry Elinor Steel... of course I can be mistaken but somehow I cannot believe it... :(

In circles like these from Jane Austin books the world is rather a very, very small ball... and only few people occur there so I would be really shocked when another ending would come...

Sincerely yours,

PS. I hope I didn't make too many errors today :)

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