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Help for my thesis on english:on line questionnary.

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Help for my thesis on english:on line questionnary.

Postby mostwanted » Tue Apr 24, 2007 9:38 am

good morning,
i am an italian student and i am doing a thesis about english as a global language to analyse the negatives and positives aspects.I am very great if you could answer to my questionnary.thank you.

Questions :

1- Why English is the most predominant language nowadays? Why has it become a global language?

2-Many people think the spread of English is related to the economic and political supremacy of U.K and U.S.A.. If another nation will be more powerful in the future, could English lose its prestige as it happened for Latin or French?

3-Can English be considered as a positive factor in the international growth of the economy?
Yes… no….. why?

4-Could the “leadership” of English as a “global language” cause a levelling of the culture into a “global” culture, so to become¬ a danger for minority cultures and traditions?
Yes…, No…, Why?

5-The spread of English around the world has generated new varieties of English in the different territories where it has taken root. Could this aspect be a loss for international communications?
Yes…, No…, Why?

6-Many experts say that the rise of English as a global language has caused the disappearance of minority languages . Is this a loss, according to you?

7- With the spread of English globally, new words and new varieties have emerged. Do you think it could be a serious danger for Standard English?

8- Nowadays the most important requirement in order to get a job is a good competence in English. Could the loss of this requirement be a disadvantage in our society?

9-Has “Internet” influenced the spread of of global English according to you? Will it help English maintain its global influence?

11-Some experts have seen the promotion of English around the world as a neo-imperialist project or as a linguistic discrimininations. What do you think about it?

12-Many European countries, as Italy and France, defend their mother-tongue; many others consider English very important for international communications and relations. Is the role of English in Europe a danger or a resource?

13-Inevitably, the formation of new varieties of English raises the spectre of the possible dissolution of English into new languages as it happened when Latin gave rise to the various Romance languages. Is English in the same danger?

14-Will those who speak English as a native language automatically be in a position of power compared to those who have to learn it as a second or foreign language?

15-Surfing the web I have read how many English, American, Canadian or Australian scholars think that a god knowledge of English is enough for their career. As a matter of fact, when we read a book of an Anglo-saxon writer, the bibliography is only made up of English texts.
Is it a disadvantage for writers of books written in another language? Is this a negative aspect?

16-In the past the European Union adopted a “lingua franca”: Esperanto, but this project failed. Could English be the next experiment?

17-Many experts and linguists discuss about the “English question”. What is your opinion about the future of English? Will it remain the world’s language?

18-In many countries the teaching of English as a “foreign language” is compulsory. What do you think about it? What could the consequences be?

19-What is your opinion about learning English nowadays? Is it a way to enrich our culture or merely a way to adapt ourselves to modern society?

20-Can a global language eliminate the motivation for non native speakers to learn such an important language ? And for native students will the presence of their language as “global language” make them lazy about learning other languages or reduce their opportunities to do it?

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Postby MissLT » Thu Apr 26, 2007 8:17 pm

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Postby mostwanted » Thu May 03, 2007 2:52 pm

thank you very much.

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Postby InLove » Thu May 31, 2007 5:46 am

1- Why English is the most predominant language nowadays? Why has it become a global language?
-> Because it's mostly used in commercial economic, culture , data, sport , education. :D

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