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Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 6:09 am
As we, your children, started taking more and more independent steps, it might have taken you by surprise at first.

As time passes, you have seen us develop a unique personality and demonstrate strong opinions.

While these might have been surprising, if not a little off-putting at first, you did not fret, as these were all perfectly normal developmental stages, and one you should welcome.

After all, you just wanted to see us grow into a responsible and independent child, able to do things with an individual sense of the world – not to simply imitate the actions and thoughts of others.

As skills and learning progressed, you have respected our independence since you saw us enjoy the time on our own to explore new things.

When you saw us develop a singular personality, you did not fail to give us some breathing room (but never stray too far).

You have ensured a well-stocked “laboratory” of things to explore as well as your help and guidance in solving problems.

You were always aware of our inner struggle and responded on cue, singing along with our music or giving an encouraging word at the right time.

You understood our growing self-discovery and individuality by being a keen observer of our skills, reactions, and interests.

And now that we are almost there, let us thank you for being such good parents to us.

Soon, we will be on the road to a happy independence – with your helping hands close by, guiding us in every step of the way still!


Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:00 am
by sweethuman
Offcourse everyone's answer will be VERY MUCH. Parents are one of the precious gifts from GOD