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My favourite topics in newspapers( Long for advices to modify)

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My favourite topics in newspapers( Long for advices to modify)

Post by OswinPei » Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:44 am

Among the various topics in newspaper, I love reading current events the most. Both domestic and international affairs appeals to me. And it usually takes at least one hour everyday for me to read them.
Some factors are considered for my choice. Firstly, reading the events makes me acknowledge what is happening nearby or outside my country. It extremely satisfies my curiosity. Furthermore, it provides me with the information to predict some challenges in the future. By following the trend, I will avoid losing chances to be successful in my career. Besides, there are lots of stories that teach me how to behave and think as a better man. I prefer to learn correct view of value from realities, but not just from theories. In addition, sharing current events with friends is exciting. When discussing some event with a friend, I may gain a profound understanding from him or her, which could never come out from my mind. That's a wonderful pattern to improve the thinking of myself.
That's why I prefer the topic of current events. It brings me knowledge from all over the world, together with experiences of diverse people. Thanks to these I realise something that I would never know.

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Re: My favourite topics in newspapers( Long for advices to modify)

Post by CDawson » Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:08 am

I like soft newspaper stories. In particular, I enjoy reading personality profiles. I think that hard news stories are good also. I enjoy reading them because the writing is succinct.
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