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Football player

Football, rugby, swimming, tennis... Painting, fishing, stamps

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Football player

Post by juuulsss » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:38 pm

Hi! The hobbies that i want to talk is the football, my hobbie is football. I start playing football with 10 years old, i like a lot football but... my first year in football it was too bad!In the second year, in the last year, we were a team of noobs, but this last year they helps me to undestand how to play this game and how be better in football.In the middle of the last year i think to go out of football becose there was a bad year,but i was the best on the team, at the final i stay in football. In this year we have a good team, a good skills , but, i don’t know what can happend on future, maybe il wil better, maybe no. But i know one think, i Love football! Do you like football.

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