2 Exam questions that caused a debate

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2 Exam questions that caused a debate

Post by riverrstorm » Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:22 pm

Hello all,

So I recently came across 2 exam questions in a book. Both are checking grammar structure and meaning which is simple enough. Both are multiple choice and they don't seem difficult enough. The problem is that the answer given by the book is not what "seems" right or better. I did check online sites which help you check grammar. I even tried Grammarly and others websites and even there the answer varied. Some listed the answers are correct while others did not. So here I am asking for counsel.

Question 1:
A major concern among archeologists today is the preservation of archeological sites <insert answer here> are threatened by development.
Answer choices:
(A) of which many
(B) many of them
(C) which many
(D) many of which

*I selected D. Now, the reasoning here is the way the words are placed. Sure, I skipped over the fact that is no comma after sites. The book's answer is letter C. I just don't know the logic. There must be, I just can't see it.

Question 2:
Anyone who has ever pulled weeds from a garden <insert answer here> roots firmly anchor plants to the soil.
(A) is well aware of
(B) is well aware that
(C) well aware
(D) well aware that

*I selected B. Here I chose the one that has the verb in the relative clause. The book's answer is letter C. Though just like before, I investigated and the websites that check grammar and structure listed both B and C as correct.

Again I am baffled. What is the correct answer then? I was not the only one which took the test and from 5 of us that took the test, 4 chose D for the first and B for the second. From the 5 people 2 lived in the States and learned English there and 3 learned English in Mexico.

I ask of you all to give your 2 cents if you please. I am still intrigued if we are right or the book is right? Or neither or...

Thanks for reading until now.

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Re: 2 Exam questions that caused a debate

Post by Joe » Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:56 pm

1c is not English :nok:
2b is correct :ok:

I don't know where you found this but everyone has to be aware that there is a lot of bullshit (excuse my French) out there.
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Re: 2 Exam questions that caused a debate

Post by threeyzmonkeys » Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:58 am

When confronted by questions in my students' textbooks such as this , I always tell the students that the book is wrong. Many textbooks have a phone number in them and I get my students to call, sometimes. Maybe try that. I cannot imagine any circumstance in which these answers would be correct. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody had just made a simple typo. {-:
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