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Articles with enumeration of nouns

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Articles with enumeration of nouns

Post by Crustol » Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:10 pm


I have a question about the use of articles in the case of nouns enumeration. According to the rule, indefinite articles are used to refer the number ‘one’/’each’/’per’. Is it applicable in this example or should I use definite article instead?

Experimental equipment involves the following devices: a scientific infrared camera JADE J530SB equipped with an optical filter whose operating wavelength is of 2.5 – 2.7 micron which allows one to record the temperature in the range of 300 – 800 Celsius; a video camera Canon HF R88 applied for estimating the ignition delay for considered samples made of wood construction materials; a blackbody radiator 45/100/1100 of the Omsk plant OJSC RPA "Etalon" with temperature variation range of 100 – 1100 Celsius which serves as a blackbody model simulating an infrared source whose emission rate is close to unity and the aperture is of 45 mm; a heat flux sensor Hukseflux SBG01 with operating range of 0–100 kW/m²; an oscilloscope Tektronix TDS-1002 applied to measure energy-dispersive spector occurring when using type K thermocouples; a moisture content analyzer AND MX-50 for controlling moisture content of the studied samples.

Could you kindly suggest any study book where such kind of articles use are explained?

Thanks in advance!

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