Disabled children and writing

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Disabled children and writing

Post by Wasken » Wed Jan 29, 2020 5:47 am

Hey there,

Happy new year to all. I hope everyone will have some new year resolutions. This year mine is to find a solution to my problems. I have a daughter studying in 4th grade. She is a little bit weak in analyzing things. We had tried our best to encourage and improve her skills in writing. But still, she has difficulty in analyzing things and writing complicated words. At last year's new party I met my old friend. While chatting I shared my issues with him. He suggested that an academic writing coach can help children with writing disabilities. I think this could help my child to overcome the difficulties she faces.

A few months back only we noticed her difficulty. I think we were too late to analyze this. Has anyone consulted an academic writing coach before? What are the strategies they implement to improve their writing skills? The one I consulted assists children in every phase of writing from brainstorming to proofreading and revision. I'm on my research on these strategies. I would like to know your response. Please share your views so that I can help my child to overcome her difficulties.


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