New Crown Pneumonia and Outbreak

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New Crown Pneumonia and Outbreak

Post by Clark » Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:05 am

The epidemic of new-type coronary pneumonia has continued for nearly two months, and it is still developing. The earliest place where this epidemic occurred was in Wuhan, Hubei. When the first patient appeared, people were still immersed in the joy of welcoming the New Year. Neither the government nor individuals took it as a thing. Celebrate the first new year after the 70th anniversary of the motherland.
The new coronavirus, referred to as neocoronary pneumonia, is a virus similar to the SARS virus that also occurred in China in 2003. It mainly affects the human lungs and causes a series of problems such as fever and cough. Same root but different, so named it new coronavirus. Although the virus is less lethal than SARS, it spreads quickly and in a variety of ways, including airborne, contact-borne, eye-borne, etc. The most terrifying thing is that the virus cannot be completely cured once it is infected, which means that it will affect the life of the infected person.
When the virus was rampant in China, it was almost disturbing. When the state instructed: Do not go out of the house, avoid spreading immunity, and wear a mask-this time the Chinese are also very obedient-all stay at home and dare not run away. With the active efforts of all parties, the domestic epidemic situation in China has greatly improved, and a large number of companies have resumed work or have resumed work. Unfortunately, when the domestic epidemic was brought under control, bad news came again internationally.
Compared with domestic, the international epidemic seems to be more serious. After China, Italy, Iran, and South Korea have become "heavy disaster areas." Not only that, the epidemic situation in major global countries has also risen sharply, especially in Europe, which has always been safe and sound, has become the main battlefield for this epidemic, not even the United States, Japan and Australia.
It is now the end of March, when will this storm end!

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