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Post by Kasia »

Hi, My name is Kasia. I am from Poland. Can you help me with one idiom? Could you give me some examples to better understand " put your foot in it " Thank you!
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Re: idioms

Post by TellClass »

Could you give me some examples to better understand " put your foot in it
:lol: That is a funny English idiom. It means you said something that shouldn't have done, especially something that embarrasses someone else or yourself. The full version of the idiom is, "put your foot in your mouth".

Example sentence:
Mary says: "Congratulations Sue on your pregnancy!"
Sue says: "I'm not pregnant"
Mary says: "I'm so sorry. I really put my foot in it." / Instead of Mary saying the idiom, it could be another person saying: Sue really put her foot in it calling Mary pregnant. Now Mary is going to think that she is very fat. :shock:

Hope that helps you understand the idiom.
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Re: idioms

Post by williamrsmith »

Hi Kasia, Every language has its own idioms and expressions. It is an expression or phrase whose meaning does not relate to the literal meaning of its words. The English language has plenty of phrases that are useful to learn. Here I added some example English idioms and phrases that will help you understand.

1. ’A piece of cake’– something is very easy.
“The English test was a piece of cake.”
2. ‘See eye to eye’ – this means agreeing with someone.
“They finally saw eye to eye on the business deal.”
3. ‘When pigs fly’ – something that will never happen.
“When pigs fly she’ll tidy up her room.”

I hope these examples will help to understand idioms.
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