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Rest Page for Buttons

Do you ever give a thought for all those buttons on the Internet? You know, the things you click. They say things like "Submit" or "Send" or "Reset", and you click them and they take you to another page.

Don't you think they might get tired? The Internet is open 24 hours a day! Most web sites never give their buttons a break.

Here at EnglishClub we don't make our buttons work all day and night. We give them a few hours off and let them come to this special page to have a rest and a hard-earned sleep.

On this page you can watch different types of buttons sleeping. But please be very, very quiet and, above all, don't click any buttons that you find here!

You have entered a page for tired EnglishClub buttons. Please make as little noise as possible and avoid disturbing any buttons that you happen to find resting here.

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