mobile-friendly present tense games

Other Verb Form Games

In each of these MOBILE-FRIENDLY online games, the words are all mixed up. You put the words in the right order to make a sentence. Each set has 10 games, and each game gets harder from 1 to 10.

Talking about the Past Games

USED TO for Past Habit/State Games

HAD TO for Past Obligation Games

Talking about the Present Games

HAVE TO for Present Obligation Games

OUGHT TO/HAD BETTER for Present Obligation/Advice Games

OUGHT TO for Present High Probability Games

Talking about the Future Games

Present Simple for Future Schedules/Dates Games

Present Continuous for Future Plans Games

GOING TO for Future Intention/Prediction Games

OUGHT TO for Future High Probability Games

OUGHT TO/HAD BETTER for Future Obligation/Advice Games

WILL HAVE TO for Future Obligation Games

To win each game, create a correct sentence in common, standard English. Uncommon or literary forms of English are not acceptable.

Here are some grammar lessons to help you on some of the above forms:

Contributor: Matt Errey. Matt is the author of several books including 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context and Common English Idioms for learners, and Matt's ESL Games and Quizzes for teachers. He is also creator of WORD UP, the world's #1 EFL board game.