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Past, Present, Future with Other Forms

Jumbled Sentence Games

In each of these jumbled sentence games, the words are all mixed up. You have to put the words in the right order to make a sentence. (Links to lessons about some of these forms are below.)

For a perfect score in each game, create a correct sentence in common, standard English. Uncommon or literary forms of English are not acceptable.
Talking About The Past Games
USED TO for Past Habit/StateGame 12345678910
HAD TO for Past ObligationGame 12345678910
Talking About The Present Games
HAVE TO for Present ObligationGame 12345678910
OUGHT TO/HAD BETTER for Present Obligation/AdviceGame 12345678910
OUGHT TO for Present High Probability Game 12345678910
Talking About The Future Games
Present Simple for Future Schedules/DatesGame 12345678910
Present Continuous for Future PlansGame 12345678910
GOING TO for Future Intention/PredictionGame 12345678910
OUGHT TO for Future High ProbabilityGame 12345678910
OUGHT TO/HAD BETTER for Future Obligation/AdviceGame 12345678910
WILL HAVE TO for Future ObligationGame 12345678910

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These games created by Matt Errey for EnglishClub.

Learn about some of these forms in EnglishClub Grammar

Talking About The Past Lessons

Talking About The Present Lessons

Talking About The Future Lessons

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