Countable/Uncountable Nouns Gapfill Game 10

Complete each sentence with one countable noun and one uncountable noun from the list. Each noun must be used once:
   bottle      cake      clove      dessert      food      garlic      ingredients      jar      mayonnaise      meal      mushrooms      pasta      prawns      salad      seafood      wine  
I'm making a for some friends tonight, and now I have to go and buy all the . I have to get quite a few things, including for a big bowl of . I mustn't forget to get a of for the salad as well. I'll be making some , and need some for the sauce. I'll also need a of to make it taste good. All my friends like , so I'll get dozens of freshwater as well. We'll need some , of course, so I'll get a really delicious ice-cream and some fresh strawberries too. And yes, you can come to my dinner party as well, as long as you bring a of fine white !

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