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mobile-friendly ESL gamesThese Matching Games are an excellent and fun way to practise your vocabulary and other skills. In each game you have to find a matching pair, that is two words that correspond with each other. In Matching Opposites, for example, you have to find two words that have opposite meanings (e.g: good and bad).

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Matt ErreyThese matching games are by Matt Errey, the inventor of Word Up.

Where indicated, these games are arranged from easy (Elementary) to difficult (Advanced). The more stars a game has, the more difficult it is. These games are also good for two players. Take turns in playing, and the winner is the one who finds the most pairs. To start playing, click on one of the links below. You can then work through the games by following the link on each game, or you can jump to any game from the links on this page.

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