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Typing Test

How well can you type in English? This is a good way to improve your English. Here, you have to type as fast as possible. Well, that's not so difficult. The hard part is - you mustn't make mistakes! Let's see how you do! (By the way, professional typists can type at speeds of 70 words a minute, with no mistakes!)

  1. Choose your level.
  2. Press START!
  3. Type the text that appears in Box A into Box B.
  4. Press FINISH!
  beginner intermediate advanced  
  Box A:  
  Box B:  

Notes about QWERTY

Most English-language keyboards use the famous "QWERTY" layout (meaning that the first six alphabetical letters on the keyboard starting at the top left are the letters Q-W-E-R-T-Y in that order).

The QWERTY layout was originally created for typewriters by Christopher Sholes in 1872. At the time it was common for the metal "hammers" of typewriters to jam together when typists typed fast. Sholes deliberately selected a layout for the letters that was more "difficult" to type, so that typists would be forced to type more slowly.

Despite improvements in typewriter design, then the arrival of electronic typewriters and subsequently computer keyboards, the QWERTY layout has never been changed.

Note that the QWERTY layout is typical of English-language keyboards. Other languages that use Roman characters may have other layouts. French keyboards, for example, normally start with the letters A-Z-E-R-T-Y.

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