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World Culture Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   Beijing Opera      Breakdancing      Flamenco      Hindustani Music      Kabuki      Reggae      The Blues      The Carnival      The Tango      Wayang Kulit  
1. is a form of highly rhythmic music and dance from the Andalusia region of Spain.
2. is a form of classical Japanese theatre with elaborate costumes and heavy make-up.
3. is a form of a shadow puppet theatre mostly found in Indonesia and Malaysia.
4. is a high-energy style of dancing for couples that originated in South America.
5. is a form of Chinese theatre combining music, songs, mime, dance and acrobatics.
6. is a form of classical art music that originated in India over 3,000 years ago.
7. is an African-American musical form that led to "rhythm and blues" and "rock 'n roll".
8. is a popular style of Jamaican dance music with rhythmic accents on the off-beats.
9. of Brazil has colourful parades with giant floats and thousands of energetic dancers.
10. is a style of hip-hop dancing created by African-American and Latino youths in the USA.

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