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Music Vocabulary Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   beat      chord      harmony      lyrics      melody      note      pitch      rhythm      scale      timbre  
1. A single sound, either sung or played on an instrument, is a .
2. The sound quality that makes a note seem high or low is called .
3. A series of notes played repeatedly by musicians when they practice is a .
4. Three or more notes played or sung together is called a .
5. The regular, repeating pulse in music that we tap along to is the .
6. The varying pattern of strong and weak beats that drives music forward is the .
7. A series of notes that sound good when played or sung one after the other is a .
8. The pleasing sound created when notes that go together are played is called .
9. The quality of a sound, like a flute's breathy sound or a trumpet's brassy sound, is its .
10. The words of a song are called the .

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